Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! | Episode 3

A comedy anime like, Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!, is never truly a comedic anime without its version of a pervy sage. Introducing, Ami Asai. While not to the same extent of the pervy sage himself, Ami is probably the most watered down version of such a character type. Keeping her inappropriate thoughts to herself, which put on full display whenever she talked about Sakurai and Uzaki respectively. It is true, I believe no real comedy is complete without such a character and since this anime has it, I think I’ll enjoy this anime.

Sakurai reminds me a lot of Tetsuo Takahashi from Demi-chan wa Kataritai because like Takahashi, with clothes on they both look like normal, well proportioned individuals but once you see their exposed bodies, they are built like literal tanks. The same can very well be said for Sakie Satou and Uzaki because the two of them are far from being well proportioned. Apart from that weird observation, let me tell you my thoughts on the episode.

I thought it was a pretty entertaining episode. We got to see the bond between Sakuari and Uzaki with a little bit of wholesome “I’ll take care of you because you’re sick” not before a little comedic action before and during said scene. We saw Sakuari’s soft side for Uzaki which was on display when they were at the restaurant together with Ami and her father to celebrate Sakuari’s full recovery from his cold. When he mentioned how he didn’t want to cause Uzaki trouble (in case rumors of her going to his house became public) and his willingness to go along with Uazki’s hypnosis gimmick. I thought that was very admirable of him. We also got to see a little bit of a jealous side to our very happy-go-lucky Uzaki. Who would have thought Sakurai calling Ami Asai, by her first name was enough to trigger a “cute jealous” reaction from Uzaki.

Going back to the introduction of a new supporting character in Ami Asai, her role in this anime is to not only provide us with that pervy sage trait, but to also act in some respect like us. Last blog I mentioned how Akihiko “The Master” Asai, the owner of the café that’ll probably one of the most visited cafes by our characters, loved watching the two (Uzaki and Sakurai) from afar, simply because the two were outright funny and entertaining. This episode, like her father, Ami finds the same pleasure in watching Uzaki and Sakuari from afar.

The two (Ami and Akihiko) are like us. They are fans of two characters in an anime, who ship them all now and forever and are willing to take that to the grave. Which I thought was awesome. This also makes the two of them somewhat relatable because they think in a similar manner to that of the viewer, and like us, they are also watching Sakuari and Uzaki from afar; which is also something we’re doing in essence.

Much enjoy, I approve! Onto the next one.

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