Tonikaku Kawaii | Episode 2

The OP of the Anime “”Koi no Uta (feat. Tsukasa Tsukuyomi) (恋のうた (feat. 由崎司))” by Tsukasa Tsukuyomi (Akari Kitou)” is oddly enough, very catchy and I think, very interesting. Something about it draws me. It starts off slow then as it progresses it slowly gets faster and faster, the overall tune of it is very soothing for me, I quite like it. This is also probably because it’s sung by one of the voice actor of Tsukasa, and as I’ve mentioned countless times before, I absolutely love it when the voice actors of the anime sing either the OP or ED. A+ from me.

“Why did you marry me?” the best and worst question to ask. It’s the best question because you get to hear some really genuine answers, but it’s also the worst question because it puts you on the spot and more often than not, you won’t ever find the proper words, or come up with a real answer to question such a question. Especially if your wife or husband is someone you’ve only met once, coupled with the fact that neither significant other knows anything about you.

Personally, I still find it pretty sketchy that their answers to one another, well from Nasa anyway is that he ‘loves her’ but Tsukasa doesn’t tell him her reason, other than providing the answer of ‘I wouldn’t marry someone I do not love’. Which makes me think that there is something deeper. You know like, you often see those anime where two individuals fall in love, only to find out through conversation and getting to know them that your significant other has known you for quite a long time but you being the oblivious individual never paid attention.

Like how in Naruto, Hinata has always had an eye on Naruto and has always liked him and watched from afar, but since Naruto is a knucklehead he never caught on until they were in their later years. Circumstances are different of course and are shown in different ways. However, the premise is similar. Which is something we’ll discover as the anime progresses (I think).

What are my thoughts on the episode? I enjoyed it. I liked the whole experience of figuring out this whole ‘newlywed couple’ deal, granted it isn’t your typical couple. So the situation that presents itself is one that is very unique and seeing how our protagonists will overcome that as well as I assume any growing pains that may happen throughout the anime is something that really interests me. Right now however, the comedy seems to be very one-sided and what I mean by that is all the comedy up until now (including the first episode) has come from Nasa and his overreactions and his over examinations of events. It is because of this that it makes our other protagonist Tsukasa seem rather bland and one dimensional, which isn’t a good thing.

If it continues to be that way (which I assume it will not, as it’s only episode 2), Tonikaku Kawaii, will have a hard time. In my opinion, for a comedic anime to be successful there needs to be different outputs to show off the comedic aspect of the show. Whether that be different characters showing off their funny quirks or the presentation of new jokes that work well in a particular situation. All we have right now is Nasa freaking out about Tsukasa, which can be at times great, there have been various times where I laughed, but when it’s the same feel after every gag it becomes repetitive and you lose that spark. So hopefully, there is more to come.

I would like to see more characters, something I know will be coming. However, most importantly, I want to see more of Tsukasa and her personality. I want to like our protagonists, which is why I would like to see Tsukasa open up more and show her true self, now that would be interesting.

It’d be embarrassing. But it would be fun to see! Hopefully it’ll happen.



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