Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! | Episode 4 and 5

Episode 4

The urge of young adult in college is one that is hard to control. As shown by this episode today. What do you do when you’re stuck in a crowded subway pressed up against an individual with unusually body proportions. You fight the urge as much as possible. This is the dilemma that faces Sakuari when he’s pressed up against Uzaki on the subway. Just your cliché subway scene that I think everyone so some extent knows all too well. What I thought was hilarious about this scene, was not Sakuari fighting his urges, but the fact that it was a person in a gorilla outfit, standing behind Sakurai which caused the moment to occur in the first place. This is very funny to me because while the two play the knock-off version of “Pokemon Go” on their phones, Sakurai kept getting, you guessed it, gorillas.

This episode felt rather wholesome, while there were bits of comedy sprinkled throughout the episode. I think this episode was more or less based around our two main characters having fun together. A nice little character building exercise, one that I enjoyed despite the “comedy” being less prevalent this time around. Episode 4 showed us that even though Sakuari and Uzaki’s relationship can be one of constant insults and annoyance for each other, that it’s also wholehearted. They dislike each other’s presence, but they also enjoy it at the same time. I quite like that.

Episode 5

Introducing our new supporting cast member, Itsuhito Sakaki. Sakurai’s only male friend. What happens when he meets Uzaki and immediately assumes that she’s Sakuari’s girlfriend. Easy, you find find out that they’re aren’t a thing, but you’re now left with a burning passion to see the two of them become a couple. The only logical step for him to meet the other supporting cast member, our beloved Ami. Who shares the same goal of watching the romantic comedy between our two main protagonists play out from afar. Yes we are back to the comedy of the anime and this episode has a few comedic moments. The introduction of Sakaki is just the tip of the iceberg.

Episode 5 was about mint chocolate. Never have I ever witnessed someone be so passionate about mint chocolate, to the point where they’d announce their love for it, provide a brief background about how mint chocolate came to be, express their utter displeasure at everyone and anyone who put mint chocolate down in passionate speech out in the general public.

If you’ve seen and completed this anime, then you probably remember this part. You may have even found this part to be unnecessary, weird, and didn’t really fit for some reason. I BEG A DIFFER. I love anime that have this sort of random feel to it as long as it’s transitioned to properly. This is a comedy after all, it’s supposed to be entertaining and watching Uzaki go on a passionate rant about how mint chocolate is god’s creation, and how it’s undervalued and underappreciated is entertainment to me.

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! hasdone an outstanding job at using facial expressions, albeit, overexaggerated facial expressions, to highlight our character’s emotions and actions. That’s A+ from me, I love me comedy anime!


  1. “What do you do when you’re stuck in a crowded subway pressed up against an individual with unusual body proportions?”

    Unfortunately, there are too many men who not only don’t do the right thing, they deliberately do the wrong thing. Bus and train molesters are a sad reality.

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