Majo no Tabitabi | Episode 1

Once upon a time, there was a witch named Elaina, who set off on a journey across the world. Along the way, she would meet all kinds of people, from a country full of witches to a giant in love with his own muscles—but with each meeting, Elaina would become a small part of their story, and her own world would get a little bit bigger.

Referenced from (Source: Yen Press)

That’s enough to interest me, sounds like we’re going on an adventure and I love adventures! Anime that air during the fall season always tend to be my favourites, rather tend to be ones I watch more often. That’s what I find anyway, and Majo no Tabitabi has been one I’ve kept my eye on. The first episode, for sure is one that is very eventful.

We’re presented with Elaina, who’s ultimate goal is to become a witch, a witch that travels the world and goes on different adventures. This goal was realized at a young age, as she read a story about another witch who did the same thing. Idolizing her, Elaina decided that she wanted to do the same and experience it all first hand. She worked and worked until she became an ‘witch apprentice’ being the youngest ever to do so in the process. Due to Elaina’s abilities when it came down to her finding a ‘witch’ to study under everyone turned her down except for one person, Fran, known as the “Stardust Witch”.

Fran plays a significant role in the first episode. Accepting to Elaina to study under her, and for months, Fran does everything but teach her magic. However, when Fran decided it to teach Elaina something, she tells her to fight her. This battle was extremely one-sided with Fran outright wrecking Elaina bringing her to tears in the process.

Elaina, our main protagonist has already shown quite a bit about her personality. She’s very determined and hard working, as her goal was to become a witch, she did so graduating at the top of her academy at the age of 14. She is also very observant. As Elaina goes around her town, asking other witches if they could make her their disciple, she’s turned down every time, and is effectively shunned by the other witches; probably because of her standing and what she’s accomplished over a short period of time. This predicament has also made her self-conscious as shown later on in the episode, after losing to Fran, Elaina is in her arms crying, explaining how she hated how she’s been treated, despite all her hard work not being acknowledged, trusting people only to have her trust for them broken; ultimately just wanted to be approved of.

Wait later find out that Elaina’s parents wanted her to learn failure and setback. They didn’t want Elaina to be one who couldn’t pick herself up when all hope was lost. The message itself is very meaningful without a doubt and also cements the role her parents play in her development, especially in the first episode. Right from the start, her parents agree with her ultimate goal, and allow her to see her goal through. They do so while also teaching her a valuable lesson, something Fran helps her learn. Learning to say ‘no’ and to not just bare with it (your troubles) because you think it will turn out fine in the end is a very important life lesson.

“If there’s something you’re displease with, fight”, “Become able to say no clearly to things you dislike”. Words of wisdom from a ‘mage from another country’. We do not know where Fran is actually from, that isn’t a detail we’re told. Fran’s impact on this adventure has already been impactful and is honestly a wonderful way to kick off this adventure. I hope Fran and Elaina meet again during the anime, I think that would be nice.

Elaina’s mother also contributed to Elaina’s learning of life lessons, “Run when you’ve countered something dangerous”, “To not think that you’re a special human” both of which are important. Along with of course to return home when your journey is done.

Overall, the first episode was stunning. I loved it, and I loved the storytelling. There were several life lessons that applied during the first episode; with a wonderful message being attached to it. Given how the first episode went, I think this journey Elaina will go on will be one of exploration, but also one of learning and growing as an individual, something I’ll definitely enjoy!