Tonikaku Kawaii | Episode 3

I cannot say this enough, I absolutely love Tonikaku Kawaii’s OP, I think it’s really nice to listen to. Anyway, let’s talk about episode 3. As Nasa says during the episode “This is the bath episode” or to me, I call this episode the “Episode of misunderstanding”. This episode was filled with it and it made for great entertainment.

I wanted to comment briefly on the pacing of the anime, which realistically doesn’t matter for comedic anime. But I thought I’d comment on it anyway; as this is only the third episode, the anime itself covers roughly 3 days. The first episode, excluding what I consider the ‘prologue’, covered Nasa and Tsukasa meeting once again, episode two covered their first night together, and now episode three covers the day after their first night. It’s not everyday that you see an anime take literally, one episode at a time to cover one day at a time. To me, I thought that was really interesting.

This episode we see our two protagonists meet two new characters, Aya and Kaname Arisugawa two sisters who run a local bath house together.

Kaname’s background
Kaname is Nasa’s childhood friend. She is one of the few that did not mock his name. She’s also been helping the bathhouse for a long time. Despite being young, she is very mature and always gives good suggestions to Nasa to help him out with his couple life. Like her mum, she really likes dirty jokes and apparently, she has no fear of cleaning the males’ bath while Nasa is in there. She isn’t shy and prefers a direct approach.

Aya’s background
Kaname’s older sister. She is a lazy ditz, but Kaname considers her on the “genius side” for her great learning capacity. In contrast to that, she usually misunderstands important things and gets really confused in the blink of an eye. Her favorite hobby is playing video games and she usually nags Kaname into playing with her.

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Their personality types alone made for really fun comedy. We have Kaname, as mentioned she’s oddly mature for a 14 year old. Mature but also grossly immature at the same time, with what I call the ‘pervy sage’ mentality.

Something I’ve also noticed about this anime was that the younger characters, Kaname and Tsukasa are very mature for their ages. They seem very levelheaded on most occasions, while the two older characters, Nasa and Aya are the exact opposite. Often displaying a very skittish side and both are very quick to assume. They are both very bad at reading situations and often overreact in the heat of the moment, while Kaname and Tsukasa are the exact opposites.

I personally love Kaname. I hope we see her around more often in the upcoming episodes, I really enjoy her personality. Her pervy humour is on point and made me laugh multiple times throughout the episode. Especially when she came into the men’s bath to clean the floors, where she commented “You’re already tiny enough” when she saw Nasa in his own world. That made cracked me up, very funny stuff.

We’re also shown a possible antagonist by way of Chitose Kaginoji, who we’ll see in episode 4. I’m looking forward to it, it’ll be interesting to see how Chitose adds to the whole dynamic.