Majo no Tabitabi | Episode 2

In this episode, we met a supporting character on Elaina’s journey; her name is Saya. A persona Elaina meets on her first stop on her long adventure. No better way to introduce a supporting character than by having themselves fly into you while you mind your own business. Quite the rocky start, however, it’s one of significance as later on in the episode, we find out that during their collision, Elaina had lost her brooch and couldn’t leave without finding it. With the help of an older lady who saw Saya and Elaina collide midair, the older lady was able to tell her (Elaina) what happened to her brooch. What we find out shocked me, to be completely honest.

This episode plays into Elaina’s strengths well. As I’ve mentioned before, Elaina is very observant, and she’s able to pick up on things a little quicker than most people. She picked up quickly that Saya may have been hiding something from her because as Elaina helped Saya prepare for her exam (which was supposed to happen in a week), she noticed that Saya had improved too quickly. If Saya had come from a faraway country, how did she fly to where she was now if she wasn’t proficient in the art of flying? The dots quickly connected.

Why Saya went through the trouble of doing all this, intentionally running into Elaina, effectively stealing her brooch in the process, a move that forced her to stick around until Elaina found her brooch, it all seemed like a filthy move on her part. But we find out why Saya did it. Saya didn’t like being lonely; ever since her little sister passed her witch exam and left for home, it left Saya all alone by herself. To some extent, you can understand her reasoning. Saya just wanted company. She didn’t want to feel lonely, but how she went about the whole thing, as you and I know full-well, holding someone ‘hostage’ in the process is not the way to go.

However, Elaina isn’t your typical character. She’s a very understanding one, as shown by episode two. She didn’t get upset with Saya to the point where she shunned her. Elaina understood what it was like to fight alone and how scary it was. To help Saya get over that loneliness, that fear, Elaina gave Saya her witch’s hat so that Saya would have a part of Elaina with her. I thought this was a lovely gesture on her part; it was enough to warm the heart. I enjoyed that moment for sure.

Sometimes you need someone to give you the courage to fight alone and that’s what Elaina gave and taught Saya. Quite the beautiful underlying message, that’s for sure.

I kind of want to see Saya show up more in the anime, I do not want her to just be a side character for this episode alone. But that’s just me, looking forward to the next episode and the next person Elaina will meet on her journey.



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