Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! | Episode 6

Episode 6 goal was to favour the “fan service”, something I think is apart of everyday anime for the most part, which is unfortunate. It was bound to happen anyway, given how Uzaki and Ami’s proportions. There is also the insane body profiles of Sakurai and Sakaki. It did start off entertaining though, with their little conversation at the cafe.

But then, when they decided to go on a little vacation to the beach, the anime jumped right in and gave itself fully to satisfying the “fan service”. That part I didn’t really like because it took up I’d say half the episode (roughly). “Fan service” scenes cause the average viewer to cringe because it leans heavily on perverted clichés. You know an ecchi scene is really cringe when the two supporting characters, Sakaki and Ami couldn’t even bare with it.

There were some redeeming factors to the episode though. Like for example, later in the episode when they go on one of those typical walks during the night in a forest with only flashlights. We see a different side to the normally very cold Sakurai. who knew that the man with scary eyes and territorial personality can be so scared of the dark. Seeing his reaction and how Uzaki openly teases him and his fear, by taking his phone (which he was using as a flashlight) and running straight into the darkened forest, forcing Sakurai to follow her in.

We also learn more of the motives of Sakaki, why he decided to tag along in their little ‘vacation’, why he took it upon himself to settle their accommodations as well as activities and food they’ll be eating on their vacation. It’s because he wanted to put our two protagonists in the best position to realize their ‘inner feelings’ for each other. Granted nothing he’s done has gone to plan, as as you all should know by now (if you’ve seen the anime), Uzaki and Sakuari still operate on that like longtime friends.

Being six episodes in, I think I prefer the friend dynamic between Uzaki and Sakurai. From a viewer’s standpoint it makes for some seriously good entertainment. All their little fights and such make it a really fun 24-ish minutes, provided that they anime focus on the comedy aspect of course.

Overall, this episode was okay. I personally didn’t like the fan service of this episode, which I am sure many of you agree as well. I would like to see less of those and more comedy!



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