Tonikaku Kawaii | Episode 4

It is time to insert a new character to Tonikaku Kawaii, Chitose Kaginoji. Someone who is already showing an extremely, uncomfortable clingy side to her. If you remember, at the end of the last episode (episode 3), when Tsukasa, we see a black vehicle come into frame, stopping the window rolled down at Chitose appeared from behind the glass. That alone tells me that Chitose comes from a very priviliaged and wealthy household to be driven around everyday by I assume a butler. But why did she choose to literally stalk Tsukasa?

Well of course, to bring her back home. We find out that Tsukasa lived with her for some time? For how long? Who knows, we were not told. However, we were told that like Nasa, Tsukasa saved Chitose who apparently was hanging off the side of a cliff. Why exactly would she be hanging off the side of a cliff? We don’t really know either. However, based on how Chitose acts throughout the anime, with her being hellbent on trying to get Tsukasa to divorce Nasa by doing whatever possible to ruin her image of him. To the point where Chitose has her maids participate with her plans etc, whether that be kidnapping, blackmail or the publication of fake pictures. Chitose really creepy.

So what were my thoughts on the episode? Honestly, I thought this episode was okay. I didn’t really like Chitose, in large part because I dislike that her “I must ruin your image to get what I want” sort of deal. While I understand that this is a comedy, and there must be, regardless of how big or small, some sort of antagonist to every story. Chitose’s explosive nature, screaming at the top of her lungs, utilizing her wealth and assistants to help her achieve her goals, holding Nasa hostage and threatening to ruin his public image, all seems kind of extreme to me. I am not too sure if that’s the sort of personality needed for this anime. However, I’ll let it pass for now.

The only real redeeming factor to this episode was the ending. As we all know Nasa and Tsukasa are married but never went through what you’d consider as ‘traditional’ wedding happenings. While nothing was really formal as they were running away, escaping from Chitose and her maids. We were treated to them running through a secret passage that let to a church. Standing infront of the altar, as the two marveled at the large stained glass mosaic; albeit informal, Nasa ‘proposed’ to her, sealing his promises he had said verbally to her then and there with a kiss.

As I am a sucker for stuff like that, I give it an A+.



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