Tonikaku Kawaii | Episode 5

What I liked a lot about this episode was that we got to see a different side to Tsukasa, the diehard movie lover. Watching her ramble about why movies are important and how it’s also important to indulge yourself with past works of the movie director; following their journey as they gain more and more acclaim in the movie making industry. Is to put it lightly, something you must jump into if you want to get the full experience.

Her obsession with movies/television shows in general was one of the highlights of the episode. Seeing her ramble on about it, gave her character that little bit of ‘spice’. As Tuskasa’s personality slowly gets revealed, we’re graced with someone who is becoming to be a very complex character. Tsukasa is calm, levelheaded, extremely understanding, and grateful. But she can also be extremely stubborn, determined and passionate all at the same time. The first five or so minutes displayed all those various personality traits. It didn’t feel out of place either, every trait was displayed very clearly, with almost seamless transitions between each trait.

I’m also starting to like the couple a lot more with every passing episode. Our two characters didn’t know a thing about each other, they also probably wouldn’t have ever met if it wasn’t for that one winter night when Tsukasa saved Nasa; we know the promise that came after that. Five episodes later, we’ve seen their feelings for one another only grow as the two work to better understand each other. As they learn more and more about each other.

One thing is for certain, Tonikaku Kawaii and the character development this story has is second to none. No anime I’ve watched this fall season has even come close to the character development Tonikaku Kawaii has. You’d think that since this anime is only twelve episodes long that whatever growth our characters experienced would feel rushed, but for Tonikaku Kawaii, that isn’t the case. Everything thus far, all their interactions where they learn about each other, and work to understand each other’s feelings all just fit perfectly. Nothing feels out of place, everything feels smooth, nothing feels rushed. This is the sort of character development I like.

I liked this episode in particular because you see their admiration for one another grow. The two of them are very considerate and only want what’s best for one another. When Nasa explained to to Tsukasa why he wanted to buy her a wedding ring, it really gave me the feels. He didn’t want Tsukasa to feel lonely when he was away at work. How to do you get rid of that loneliness? By purchasing a wedding ring for them. Which to him (Nasa), meant that they’d never feel that loneliness because their partner is there with them (in the form of a ring they both wore); and I quite like that.



A little can go a long way! Even a dollar is enough to motivation.


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  1. If all both parties want is what is best for the other it isn’t going to work out. That isn’t a viable relationship. There has to be a strong mixture of “me” in the equation, your own needs independent of what the other wants. If you lose who “you” are, the relationship will sour because neither will any longer be the person the other fell for.

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