Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? Bloom | Episode 2 and 3

Episode 2: Review

Having not watched this season since the first episode, it was nice to finally jump back into it. This episode did not disappoint! The one thing I will always love about the Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? series is how lighthearted everything is. Everything about this anime is designed to make you happy, which leads to natural enjoyment and entertainment. Episode two provided those things to me. Another aspect of the episode that I enjoyed was that for the first half of the episode, the story focused on Sharo and Chiya and their long friendship. Albeit brief, within those fifteen minutes or so, it provided a little bit of history between the two and how they were much different then compared to now. It outlined how much they lean on each other for support and I thought that was a nice touch.

There was also little bits of comedic bits scattered throughout their recalling (Sharo and Chiya) of past memories. Which I thought complimented that moment while also making sure it didn’t feel all too ’emotional’. It kept everything really lighthearted which is what this anime is all about. A+ from me.

Episode 3: Review

Episode three was the very definition of a ‘Slice of Life’. One moment we’re watching Kokoa’s insanely weird but very entertaining sister-complex she has for Chino, then the next we’re watching her be overly enthusiastic when herself and Chiya are put incharge of their school’s festival project. Then we swiftly move onto Chino, Megumi and Maya having a very ‘serious’ discussion as to what high school they’ll all like to go to before going on a little adventure to what they considered as a ‘rich girl’ high school. I’d say the bulk of the episode revolved around the trio’s adventure to the high school home to Rize and Sharo. Seeing them experience participate in ballroom dancing, and being an environment where you have to act and feel posh was very entertaining to me — not too sure why.

Other than that, I do not think there is much to really comment on for this episode (tis why I decided to combine two episode reviews). If you’re like me and have seen multiple Slice of Life anime, then you’d know what to expect with regards to how each episode plays out. Large amounts of dramatic and comedic events within a short period of time, this is what episode three is all about and I love it.



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