Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! | Episode 7

“Please, be with me. I need you” is how we start off the episode, with Sakurai calling Uzaki uttering those words to her over the phone. How does she react? What does he mean? Ah yes, a cliché way to add that little bit of misunderstanding and an intentional poor choice words to lead into one of the few comedic scenes of episode seven.

What did that line ultimately lead to, Sakuari wanting to visit a cat café but didn’t want to go in there alone. It’s weird seeing a very scary and angry looking guy in Sakurai completely turn into someone completely overwhelmed by their admiration and love for cats. You’d also think that having known each other since high school, that our two protagonists Sakuari and Uzaki, in particular Sakurai would know how Uzaki would react given a particular circumstance. This in fact isn’t the case because while thinking over the various reactions Sakurai thought he would get if he gave Uzaki an assortment of gifts, each scenario had her turning down his gifts. Not to mention, the two individuals he’s telling this all to, Ami and Akihiko, who have only known the two since the start of post-secondary have a better understanding of how Uzaki would react than Sakuari. As you’ve probably guessed, it’s the completely opposite of Sakurai’s scenarios.

What goes around comes around, this time, it’s Uzaki uttering the words “I want you to be with me! I need you” to Sakurai over the phone. How does he react? What does she mean? Ah yes, a mirror image of the opening scene shows itself to us once again. This time, it’s Uzaki’s 20th birthday and she wanted to celebrate her birthday by drinking at a pub.

In short, I didn’t really like this episode. It wasn’t entertaining enough, everything that could be considered as ‘comedy’ felt rather weak and boring. Episode seven just didn’t feel good enough, which is a shame.