Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! | Episode 8

I’m slowly starting to dislike how this anime, in general, goes about their comedy. In the past few episodes, I’ve noticed that the source of humour originates from Uzaki and Sakurai’s poor use of words and irregular use of emotions towards each other whenever they’re together. Episode eight was about the day after Uzaki’s birthday as the two recall the events from the night before. We’re shown a scene of our two protagonists standing in the middle of a crowded place, and everyone is staring at them.

Uzaki’s choice of words when she’s trying to hand Sakurai an envelope to make up for her throwing up on his futon, coupled with the bystanders’ voices adding to the situation, only added to the blatant miscommunication and poor choice of words between our protagonists. A similar situation happened while Sakurai was at work, and Ami and Akihiko asked what happened during the birthday. Sakurai’s inability to say, “She drank too much and threw up on my futon” is very frustrating, to be quite frank.

Despite that, one thing I did enjoy from their very public squabble was how the episode carried it through and to the end of the episode. What I mean by that was, after Sakurai finished poorly explaining the events of last night to Ami and Akihiko, the best way for them to clear the awkward atmosphere around each other was for Sakurai to take Uzaki to a festival. Without a doubt, the awkwardness was truly cleared. It also happened the most entertaining way possible, which was Uzaki knocking Sakurai out in the middle of a walkway where everyone can see.

Sakurai going through that flashback to when they were in high school and how supportive and caring Sakurai was towards Uzaki as she tried her best to get better at swimming. I thought it was nice, especially since the flashback ended with the two of them watching the fireworks together, which they’d do again in the present. It was honestly nice to see Sakurai clear up his feelings and told Uzaki about his feelings. He didn’t want to accept her as his junior again. Still, her sticking around with him and being all buddy-buddy made their adventures fun, and that was something he appreciated but never found a way to express towards her.

I thought that was an admirable resolve, and that is why I enjoyed the episode today.



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