Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! | Episode 11 and 12

Episode 11

This episode was an odd one simply because of how many references this episode made. Like for example, sometime towards the latter half of the episode, we have a narrator. Something that is only really present in one of my favourite anime, Love is War. The tone of the voice, while different, carries the same sort of vibe and style used in Love is War too, which I thought was a nice touch, well for me anyway. It also referred to the anime’s opening song when Sakurai was in the karaoke booth by himself, only to have Ami and Uzaki pop on in, as per usual. We’ve also got the bunny girl reference, which to me screams, Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai.

Episode eleven is also a significant cluster****. Suppose you’re an individual who finds any anime episode hard to follow if the episode jumps around frequently. This episode, by far, is one episode you will not like.

Episode eleven jumps around so much and so often. We go from Uzaki being forced to clean her mess she left in Sakurai’s apartment. Sakurai telling Uzaki and company that he can cook and doesn’t need Uzaki there all the time to cook for him (when he can’t). It then jumps to our protagonists, making homemade Udon at Uzaki’s place. We then watch a scene of Uzaki and Sakurai rock climbing and having a karaoke night. FINALLY, ending with Uzaki comes to Sakurai’s apartment crying, stating that she can no longer hang out with him.

You go through all these different scenes, all with their various gags and funny moments, then all of a sudden you’re hit with some presumably sad moment at the end of the episode. Which ultimately leads to nothing in the next episode.

There was so much happening that it honestly was tough to keep up. I think that is what I disliked most about this episode. We were presented with a bunch of stuff with little time to enjoy each scene, which I like doing. However, apart from that, one aspect of the episode that I liked was that it went back to just revolving around Uzaki and Sakurai and the chemistry they have. Their interactions felt natural and weren’t forced by the supporting cast. The source of this anime’s comedy is solely from our two protagonists and their everyday interactions with one another, going back to that where it’s just the two of them, I think is excellent and is something I enjoyed.

Episode 12

Episode twelve wasn’t the ending I was expecting. It felt like one of those episodes that were supposed to air midseason, but the studio opted to make it the anime’s final episode. So what happened in this episode? Not much, to be quite frank. That is why I do not think this is a suitable ‘ending’ episode simply because it was not entertaining.

All this episode showed us is how comfortable our two characters are now with each other. If we were to compare episode twelve with episode one, you’d notice a massive difference in character development. In episode one, Sakurari couldn’t stand Uzaki and always wanted to be alone. That was when he was most happy, and in the final episode, he’s now very comfortable with Uzaki. The two are most happy when they’re hanging out together. Which is something I like to see.

They are now so comfortable with each other that they can drink massively together and sleep in the same bed and be able to walk it all off the day after. That is basically what this episode revolves around, the two drinking together and the experience of trying to remember that night of drinking the day after. Apart from that, this final episode was probably one of the more uneventful episodes of Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!. Which to me was a disappointment.