Majo no Tabitabi | Episode 4

Episode four is an interesting one. It looked like we’d be seeing some action, which is always great to see. Next on Elaina’s journey, she encounters a country in ruin, ravaged by a Javalier. A monster that sleeps during the day and ravages from night until dawn, devouring every last person until there is no one left in the country. Except for one person, the queen of the country, her name being Mirarose. Someone who does not remember who she is, why this monster is devouring and ruining the country’s remains and its inhabitants and most importantly, why it’s explicitly hunting her.

One thing I will say, this Javalier looks pretty scary—the head of a dragon, the lower body of a spider, and very muscular. Only to find out that Javalier was, in fact, her father.

I love Majo no Tabitabi a lot because of how each episode plays out. We’re following Elaina as she goes on her adventure; however, it also feels like we’re listening to the stories and seeing the experiences Elaina’s already experienced. It feels like instead of us following Elaina on her adventure, she’s telling us about it and everything she saw once she had concluded her adventure. It’s a different kind of storytelling, and I love that.

It started with an old tale. It paints the scene; it foreshadows what will happen. This episode’s story is about a princess who fell in love with the royal cook, which would result in the princess bearing the cook’s child. In this case, the events that happen throughout the episode, Elaina meeting Mirarose, the “Queen without subjects,” as we follow Miraose’s quest to defeat this monster who has set ruin to the country she ruled and killed its inhabitants.

We’re then presented with the tale’s ending when we find out that Javalier was the King and father to Mirarose. Who had issued the decree to have the cook (Mirarose’s lover) burned alive in front of her. Enraged by her father’s action, Mirarose had put a curse on her father, turning him into that monster while still retaining his human mind (which made him unable to control the physical form). Hence, as the beast rampaged the country and killed its people, the King watched helplessly as he watched what he loved most (the country he ruled and it’s people) die by his own hands. Sharing the same loss and despair, Mirarose had felt when she was forced to watch her lover be burned alive in front of her.

That is quite the story, and it can also something extremely dark at the same time. I didn’t expect these types of episodes when I started watching this anime. Majo no Tabitabi has been a pleasant surprise, and this episode proves that to be the case.