Majo no Tabitabi | Episode 5

We got to meet Ms. Fran again! A character I’ve been wanting to see again for awhile, but we still haven’t had the chance to see her. A thought I had once Ms. Fran and Elaina were having a conversation as to why Elaina decided to become a traveler. As we know, it’s because of her love for the book “The Adventures of Nike” who, herself traveled and documented her experiences.

As Elaina recalled the contents of the last chapter, she mentioned how Nike took an apprentice under her wing named Fura. Someone who Nike tells that she’ll be moving the countryside to live an ordinary life. I have a sneaking suspicion that Elaina’s mother was Nike and Fura is actually Ms. Fran. The reason I think this because the illustration in the books like a younger Ms. Fran not to mention, Ms. Fran also says “This really brings back memories” and when Elaina questioned her asking what she meant, Ms. Fran immediately backtracked saying this was in mention to her love of the book.

If that is true, then talk about full circle. Elaina’s mother who was a traveler taught and inspired, Ms. Fran who became a traveler who taught Elaina, who was inspired by her mother’s journey which is told through the book “The Adventures of Nike”.

Anyway, if we were to compare episode five to the others the came before it, this episode is actually very uneventful. The past few episodes have been rather dark and gloomy, all previous episodes have also told a story from the book Elaina had loved reading growing up. Episode five is quite the opposite, it’s actually a nice and happy episode an episode where we see Elaina actively offer her skills in a helpful manner. Something we’ve haven’t seen since the first or second episode when Elaina was helping Saya pass her witch exam. It was a nice break, something I certainly welcome if Majo no Tabitabi‘s is going to do what it has done so far, which is sprinkle in a few of those darker, and depressing episodes.

That’s it for this rather short blog. In short, it was a nice change of tone, we got to see Ms. Fran my favourite supporting cast member, but it was also on the boring side given how eventful the previous episodes were.



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