Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? Bloom | Episode 6 and 7

Episode 6

I liked episode six a lot, in large because of how Chino takes charge and makes it all about her. Previously in other episodes and in the prior season, Chino was much different that she is now. That shy and timid girl, a person who found it easier to follow everyone else’s lead; was now the one taking charge of “Bread Fest” an event herself, Kokoa and Rize had planned for their café. It was nice seeing her flustered whenever Kokoa and Rize complimented her or whenever costumers enjoying the “Bread Fest” complimented her and the event. I loved that side of Chino and her obsession with rabbits too.

Episode six felt rather short. We had that ‘mini’ scene of Chino and friends getting haircuts or changing their hairstyle so that they looked good for their graduation photo and “Bread Fest”, but other than those two, nothing much happened. Even though nothing really happened and despite how short the episode was, it felt very long. What I mean by that is the 24 minute utilized all 20-ish minutes extremely well. There weren’t any dull and flat moments nor were there times when the funny lighthearted moments felt out of place. It was just a very pleasing and relaxing episode to watch.

Episode 7

Happy Halloween, well, in the universe of Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? Bloom. Like episode six, this episode felt very long because of how well the studio has done at filling the space of the episode from OP to ED.

However, there was one thing that really piqued my interest. When Kokoa was lost on top of this plaza like area. She encounters a female figure dressed as a magician, in all white clothing. Not only does she encounter this masked figure, but Kokoa also encounters a female version of tippy. Not knowing who she is, but assuming that she’s a magician, Kokoa then asks the masked figure to show her a magic trick, something the female figure accepts. Immediately the magician teaches Kokoa how to make a piece of Candy appear out of thin air.

There is a ton of foreshadowing by Chiya and Sharo as they talk about Halloween and the various meanings it has had over the years. Chiya mentions “…spirits of the dead returning to earth” and “souls of hour ancestors returning to the heavens”. This goes hand-in-hand with what Kokoa saw because if we take what Chiya says as truth, then the female magician and female tippy Kokoa encountered was Tippy’s wife and Chino’s mother.

This theory is then drilled home because once the two disappear, Kokoa shows Chino the trick she had learned, a trick which coincidently her mother (Chino’s mother) was also good at. This moment was followed up by a flashback to that moment in Chino’s memories, this flashback also showed that the Candy used in the trick (blue and white stripes) was the same wrapping Kokoa had made appear.

I absolutely loved this. It was a wonderful piece of story telling hidden amongst a lighthearted comedy. It was a moment that connected Chino to her mother, a happy moment in her life that brought her much joy. You couldn’t help but smile, you also couldn’t help but also feel a little bit of sadness that Chino’s mother is no longer with her. But what episode seven showed was that while someone you love and care about may be long departed the happy memories made with them will always stick with you.

Episode seven was an extremely well done episode in my opinion, absolutely loved it.



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