Tonikaku Kawaii | Episode 12

Now this felt like a proper ending episode, which is weird because nothing significant happened; it was your normal Tonikaku Kawaii episode. Conclusions to anime like, Tonikaku Kawaii is always nice especially when it’s very simple and straightforward. Unlike previous episodes, episode twelve didn’t feature an exciting event or chain of events experienced by our protagonists. Instead, the whole episode was dedicated to the two of them. It’s great to see how much both Tsukasa and Nasa have grown and how much their feelings for each other have matured into something very mutual.

The two are a lot more comfortable, they’re also a lot more intimate and most importantly, they’re a lot more animated around each other. An example is at the start of the episode, when Nasa had gotten sick due to overworking. We watched a once very reserved and levelheaded Tsukasa, turn into someone very animated while taking care of Nasa. It was nice to see Tsukasa’s real personality really shine, I absolutely loved how animated she’s gotten as time went on. I also love how Nasa has also evolved, he’s now a lot more straightforward and is willing to take lead and act on how he feels rather than just going along with everything.

While this episode may have been simple and straightforward. I also think that’s the weakest aspect of this final episode. There wasn’t enough happening to make it truly enjoyable. While yes, the majority of Tonikaku Kawaii‘s comedy originates from Tsukasa and Nasa, and their antics. You can make the argument that the comedic scenes provided by our two protagonists are not strong or entertaining enough and is why the supporting cast play as big as a role, at times a bigger role, than the two of them. The supporting cast playing a more prominant role in the final episode would have been beneficial. While yes, the supporting cast show themselves towards the end the episode, they were more or less pushed aside as we focused on Tsukasa and Nasa.

Despite my little gripe, the final episode didn’t take away from the overall feel and enjoyment this anime has brought me. The episode ended how I wanted it to end, with Nasa and Tsukasa committing themselves to each other and to making their marriage work, to the fullest of their abilities. I quite like that. This anime is definitely one of my many favourites, that’s for sure.