Non Non Biyori Nonstop | Episode 1 Review

Episode 1 Review

Our recorder loving Renge is back! Heck yeah! You literally cannot hate on this anime whenever our beloved Renge is the first person we see. As you can probably tell, Renge my favourite character from the whole Non Non Biyori series. Renge being the first character we see already made my day and boosted my overall enjoyment of the anime up to 1000%. Nothing out of the ordinary happens (as you’d expect), we have the returning cast of Hotaru, Natsumi, and Komari. Which is something I also personally liked.

Now, getting on with my thoughts on the first episode of Non Non Biyori Nonstop it’s as I expected it to be, funny and entertaining. The first half of the episode was primarily around Renge and Natsumi (the best duo) as they played around with dolls they made out of tape and toothpicks. The two of them going around their five person classroom using the dolls they made to communicate was extremely entertaining, especially at the end of the school day when they decided to decorate the sleeping Kazuho‘s desk with the dolls they’ve made. This was not the only time when Renge’s personality pulled the episode across the finish line.

Renge’s funny antics, the way she speaks and playful nature would be on fully display towards the latter half of the episode where she’s tasked with escorting Konomi‘s friend Akane to her home. That part in particular is probably my favourite scene of the episode because how she reacts when seeing cockleburs on their walk to Konomi’s house, immediately wanting to attack them; and Renge’s reaction to seeing a toad and wanting to make it walk on two feet. It all felt really genuine and real, almost as if it’s something someone of her age would actually do in real life.

Finally, the one thing I adored about the first episode and is something that I will continue to love throughout the airing of Non Non Biyori Nonstop‘s twelve episodes is the ending. “Tadaima (ただいま)” by Renge Miyauchi (Kotori Koiwai), Hotaru Ichijou (Rie Murakawa), Natsumi Koshigaya (Ayane Sakura), Komari Koshigaya (Kana Asumi), which as you guessed is sung by the main characters. I’ve mentioned this countless times before, whenever the characters of the anime are involved in either the OP or ED of any anime, it’ll always get an A+ from me. The ED just sounds so good, it’s literally music to my ears and I love it.

Overall, the first episode is everything I expected it to be, entertaining. If all the remaining eleven episodes will be like the first episode then I’ll love this anime, for sure.



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