Majo no Tabitabi | Episode 7 and 8 Review

Episode 7 Thoughts

Episode seven confirms my theory that the book “Adventure of Nike” which inspired Elaina to become a wondering witch was written by her mother. This fact is confirmed when she reaches the city separated by that wall of inscriptions. It was weird how the episode went about it, the first five or so minutes we see Elaina talking to the Ministers from both halves of the city about the wall and how they could show that their side is better. Then around the eight minutes in, we see Elaina flying into the city cut in half by this supposed wall, only to see that it was now destroyed.

Those two Ministers we saw during the first opening few minutes, have now aged considerably. They recognize Elaina and mention how it’s been decades, and that her face looked younger than before. To me, this makes the whole story very interesting to me because that now my theory is more or less proven to be true, that means we’re experiencing what happened after to all the places Elaina’s mother had visited on her travels. Which also means, if Elaina is supposed to represent her mother, then I think that also means, Saya is supposed to represent Fran.

With how this episode has been constructed dropping hints everywhere, I think we’re going to be getting to the point where Elaina will eventually learn that the book she had loved and continues to love, “Adventure of Nike“, was written by her mother. Once we get to that episode (if that is indeed an episode), I’ll be one to watch for sure!

Episode 8 Thoughts

There is nothing more creepy to me, both in anime and in real life than dolls, those porcelain dolls scare the living daylights out of me. Seeing them at the start of the episode, for sure, made me feel extremely uneasy. Nothing good can come from those porcelain dolls and I cannot wrap my head around how some people like them.

Episode eight was a weird episode and the people in the city Elaina had visited are also extremely weird. Their love for their porcelain dolls, when Elaina and this new supporting character Sheila were at this auction for the dolls. The city folk’s reactions to each doll that was up for auction was one of amazement and excitement on their behalf. I’ve never seen so many people pumped up to have themselves a doll.

Not to mention “the cutter’s” whole being, a person who creates the dolls to embody human emotion; happiness, sadness, anger etc. The cutter’s burning desire to see emotion because it gives her an euphoric experience is probably the strangest thing I’ve ever seen watching an anime. The cutter was (for lack thereof better words) getting turned on, whenever someone showed an emotion(s) around her. Like at the end of the episode, seeing her beg for Elaina to get angrier and for Sheila to show joy was really creepy. I honestly think, the cutter found the most pleasure whenever someone had dawned an angry face. Which was shown at the very end when Saya was ‘punishing’ her, I am almost certain that the cutter had the time of her life then.

Pretty weird stuff.