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Majo no Tabitabi | First Impressions

Totally not very posting this extremely late, no, not at all. It’s not like I am almost done the anime, for sure that is not the case. ANYWAY. Just thought I’d give you my first impressions to the anime Majo no Tabitabi. Overall, I’d say the first impressions were good, I enjoyed the art style quite a bit also, the synopsis presented by MAL also was cause for interest.

Since childhood, Elaina has always been fascinated by the stories written within her favorite book, especially those about Nike, a renowned witch who had numerous great travels across the world. Wanting to experience the awe of adventure herself, Elaina strives to become a witch, and despite the numerous trials that come her way, she eventually succeeds.

Now a full-fledged witch, Elaina finally embarks on her long-awaited journey, in which she meets many people along the way, learning their various stories. Through all of this, she explores the world at its fullest—experiencing both its bright and dark sides—starting her legendary tale.

I do not typically watch anime genred as: AdventureMagic, and Fantasy. It’s not something I normally gravitated to, but I did want to give it a watch. Among the various things that I liked about the anime, one of the more important ones was the general pacing. There are countless anime that do not effectively use 12 or 13 episodes (however many episodes there are for the anime), to their advantage. Often times, the story they want to tell is crammed in and with quick succession, which doesn’t allow for the viewer the time to appreciate the story the anime was telling. The opposite can be said as well, sometimes the studios just do not put enough information into each episode and the story the studio is trying to tell is essentially not there.

Over the episodes I’ve seen, I do not believe that Majo no Tabitabi has had either one of those issues. I thought each episode has contained enough information to stay true to the overall objective of the anime, which was to document Elaina’s adventure. Were there some episodes where I thought I wish I could have had more stuff happening? for sure, but typically that wasn’t a thought that crossed my mind.

Another thing I will say, I think the weakest point aspect of the anime is Elaina is the main protagonist. She doesn’t feel likeable, she feels kind of snobby and self-righteous. There were also some times when her personality felt dull to the point where it felt like it brought down the entire mood of an episode. I do not think Elaina as the sole main character of the Majo no Tabitabi is a strong enough character to bring the anime to the finish line, I just don’t think her characteristics equate to the overall success of the anime.

That is also why the supporting cast of Majo no Tabitabi come into play. Since they all have different personalities, it also means they offer a ton more spice. What I mean by that is, they are all the opposite of Elaina’s personality, so they’re able to make a dull moment into an entertaining and interesting moment. Which hides the flaws with Elaina as a character.

If I were to give this anime a rating out of 10 right now, I’d give it a 7.5. Having Elaina alone by herself makes the episode feel bland if it weren’t for the supporting cast and the various stories being told each episode. Since I’ve finally made it to the latter half of the anime, I see a development, a few hints being dropped that has caused me to take great interest in the anime, and I look forward to the remaining episodes because of it.

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