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Majo no Tabitabi | Episode 9 and 10 Review

Episode Nine Thoughts

Now this episode for sure is dark, I will say that. A child whose parents were murdered while she was out shopping, who was then taken in by her uncle where she was abused. To the point where that child ended up stabbing her uncle to death. Having darkness in her heart Selena and having tasted the dark pleasure of murder she continued her killings until she was captured and executed by her own childhood friend.

Unable to deal with regret, and the thought of knowing that she could have been there to save her friend and change the course of history Estelle, wants to travel 10 years in the past to change the fate her friend had suffered. Only to find out that her childhood friend, Selena was the one who had murdered her parents and uncle.

What’s crazy about this episode in particular was just how graphic everything was, a bloodthirsty child in Selena killing people because she thought it was fun. Her whole being just covered in blood, with blood pouring out her mouth was just creepy. Her eyes, and he creepy smile sent shivers up my spine and gave me goosebumps. Furthermore, Estelle who had previously executed her friend because she thought Selena’s fill fate of her parents being murdered and abuse from her uncle caused her to turn out the way she did. When in fact, it was the complete opposite, Selena was the one who did it all. Seeing Estelle having to kill a child version of her friend because her past was the same as her present was extremely hard to watch. Simply because Estelle strangled a child version of her ‘friend’ Selena, until I assume her head popped right off her body.

I feel terrible for Elaina because she could only witness the murderous Selena, watch on as Estelle’s hope to save her friend go to not simply because it wasn’t meant to be and watch on as Estelle had to execute her friend once again. While Estelle will no long remember Selena or the memories she had with her because Estelle sacrificed her memories with her to kill Selena, Elaina will have to live with that forever. Something she will always have trouble with, as shown at the end of the episode when she’s crying uncontrollably.

Episode nine was definitely a creepy and scary episode. I certainly will not watch it again.

Episode Ten Thoughts

Aha! I knew it, Elaina’s mother is a witch. Which basically confirms to me the book “The Adventures of Nike” are her own stories on the journey that she’s taken. Episode Ten was a nice shift in mood to be quite honest. We now have the extremely dark episode of episode nine, and to contrast, we have the happier more nostalgic episode ten. We also do not see much of Elaina at all during the episode, which to me is nice because her personality can be kind of boring. Instead, we have Fran and Sheila. As they reminisce on the past and the journey together.

I personally enjoyed their humble beginnings as individuals who at first disliked one another with a passion to now going on vacation with each other every year as they reminisce on the past. What I liked most about this episode was that we got to see a who Nike was as a witch and her tendencies. I was immediately able to tell that Fran picked up most of Nike’s tendencies. Although it doesn’t mention it, wen Elaina and Fran met up for the second time, towards the end of the episode it implied that like Nike, Fran went on her own adventures. Like Nike, Fran’s carefree but at time strict nature carried over and most importantly, the ‘bestowing’ of title to a new witch was also adopted by Fran. Elaina’s mother had given the witch names for Sheila and Fran based on their hair because she thought it was cool. Something Fran did to Elaina (basing it off her hair) because she too thought it was cool.

Also something worth mentioning, I LOVE Sheila as a character. She’s rough around the edges and gives that badass feel. One moment that will stick out in my mind from this episode was that when Fran and Sheila were fighting that group that had kidnaped the both of them. Sheila being the badass that she was, stopped mid-fight to light and smoke a cigarette

Overall a nice episode, it was a nice way to end off. I for sure was not going to end on the gloom and darkness of episode nine, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night! (time of writing is 10:30pm). Episode ten makes it a little easier, thanks Majo no Tabitabi.

1 / 13
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