Adachi to Shimamura | Episode 5 and 6 Review

Episode Five Thoughts

If I were to describe episode five in one word, it would be awkward. We go from our two characters, Adachi and Shimamura, being somewhat comfortable with one another with each episode prior to this one building on the level of trust and understanding they had for one another. To then all of a sudden have a awkward feel around them. This is all solely because Adachi, someone who is very nervous, shy and awkward made it so. Who would have thought that asking someone (Shimamura) if she wanted to hang out on Christmas would be such a hard thing to do.

It’s for that reason that I didn’t really like this episode. The ‘forced’ awkwardness was very cringe. You know that feeling of watching an extremely awkward scene between two characters; not only was it awkward while you watched, but it also made you feel extremely uncomfortable to the point where it became unbearable to watch.

This episode also showed us (well me in particular). That there is a difference in emotional connection between the two. Adachi’s feelings towards Shimamura is one of admiration and affection. While it’s a little harder to judge how Shimamura feels about Adachi, it doesn’t feel like there’s the same level of affection or admiration. With Shimamura it almost feels like she feels pity for Adachi because Shimamura knows that she’s Adachi’s only friend/someone who she’s comfortable with. It is because of that, Shimamura is more willing to go along with Adachi’s plans, like for example hanging out during Christmas because she knows Adachi doesn’t have anyone else to spend it with. It feels like Shimamura knows that Adachi uses her as someone to lean on, but doesn’t want to complain or question it because she feels sorry her. That’s the vibe she gave me.

Episode Six Thoughts

Episode six just reaffirms to me what I’ve mentioned before. There is a major difference in feelings between the two characters. Adachi’s feelings for Shimamura are genuine, always thinking about her, always wanting to be with her, and feeling jealous when she’s with other people. While Shimamura, as mentioned previously, is that friend who’ll just go along with it and only sees the other (Adachi) as a friend. While Adachi confesses her feelings, finally saying she wants to be Shimamura’s best friend’, you can tell that Shimamura doesn’t really get where she’s coming from because if you’re already friends there is no need to ask to be their best friend.

So there is some sort of disconnect between the two for sure. I am sure that this will be one of the sticking points during the latter episodes, what are their true feelings of one another. We already know that Adachi likes Shimamura, but we know it’s a one way street for now. Will this be a hinderance later on in the episode, we’ll find out.

As far as the episode was concerned, it was alright. A lot more of the cringe I would say. We see Adachi and Shimamura spend Christmas together in a mall, where they go out to eat, go to the arcade, etc. Everything you’d typically do at a hang out. However, as this episode was told from Adachi’s point of view, we also get her thoughts and desires as narration throughout the episode. Which again, long story short reaffirms what I’ve mentioned. Episode six was probably one of the less entertaining/enjoyable episodes for me, there wasn’t really anything that made me want to continue watching the episode. I honestly, wanted the episode to finish much faster, believe it or not.