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Adachi to Shimamura | Episode 7 and 8 Review

episode seven thoughts

Seven episodes in and I still do not know what role this alien, Yashiro Chikama, plays in the grand scheme of things here in Adachi to Shimamura. The slow inclusion of the character over the past few episodes has been interesting for me simply because she’s just there; I guess Yashiro is there for comedic relief if anything at all.

Episode seven to me was the weakest episode by far, simply because of how uncomfortable I was watching throughout the episode; it was an uncomfortable cringe. Adachi and Shimamura’s friendship is a very complicated one because of the difference in feelings towards one another, something that became more apparent episode by episode, but I think episode seven make it blatantly obvious. If I were to compare their relationship to something similar in real life, it would be a hard friendzone. A one-way street, you like someone but the person you like doesn’t see it that way because they see you as a great friend. But you still persist because you like them. That was what I felt with episode seven. Adachi liking Shimamura and is doing all these things to, I guess, ‘appease’ Shimamura, while she views these gestures of affection as her (Adachi) being a good friend. And as the viewer, it felt like I was tagging along or being forced to come along and watch uncomfortably as your friend gets constantly friendzoned and not even realize it.

Episode seven definitely wasn’t an episode I enjoyed.


Episode eight was similar to episode seven in that, I didn’t know what was going on. The cringe aspect of episode seven was also present in episode eight, but it wasn’t as bad as the previous episode. Leave it to Adachi to make things very difficult, going through the hassle of seeking approval from Shimamura, wanting her opinion on everything with regards to Valentine’s day and chocolate giving. This far into the anime, it honestly feels like it’s all become a little too unnecessary. Like does it need to be this complicated? I don’t think so.

I understand the whole ‘I want to be her best friend’ thing Adachi has going, but I think it’s become a little obsessive at this point. If this type of thing was happening in real life, I am sure Shimamura would have asked “Why are doing this?” or “Why do you constantly need my approval?” or “Why do you want to always be around me?”. I certainly would have slowly gotten annoyed if the same sort of thing would have been happening to me.

What will be interesting though is how the whole dynamic changes with this Tarumi character set to take on a more prominent role in the following episodes. Given how awkward and jealous Adachi gets when she’s with other people besides her, I assume it won’t go over well. I predict we’ll go back to that awkwardness between the two of them while they sort out each other’s feelings and clear up any misunderstandings.

To me, it doesn’t look like the latter episodes of Adachi to Shimamura are going to be great. I really hope I am proven wrong.

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