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Adachi to Shimamura | Episode 11 and 12 Review

Episode Eleven & TWELVE Thoughts

From Adachi’s point of view, it felt as if the two (herself and Shimamura) had broken up. You know that feeling of ‘something is missing’, unconsciously revisiting places where you had fond memories with them, knowing that it’ll never happen again. However, in the world of anime, we cannot be sad for too long because our two characters get back on talking terms with one another. However, one thing is very apparent, the theme of both episodes was, acceptance (well for me it was anyway).

Shimamura finally realizes that Adachi is only really interested and is comfortable with her and only her, likewise with Shimamura, who’s only really interested and comfortable with Adachi. I said this in the last blog as well, but this time it’s reaffirmed and reaffirmed again. Why? Well, I think it’s because Shimamura has a hard time understanding and accepting that there is someone who genuinely wants to be her friend. We’ve long known of Adachi’s feelings for Shimamura, but Shimamura has been someone throughout the episodes that has been extremely hard to read at times. In large part because emotionally, she wasn’t all there. She felt like someone who was wandering around aimlessly trying to better understand herself and her own desires.

Shimamura doesn’t mind be alone, yet she feels like she needs someone. She’s fine with hanging out with ‘artificial friends’, strangers who call her friends, but wants someone who’ll actually be there with her. Shimamura doesn’t mind actually artificial but at the same time wants someone to accept her as her. She doesn’t mind wandering aimlessly, but wants someone there to give her purpose. For her, it was just a matter of realizing her own desires and acting upon them instead of letting them sit on the sideline. Shimamura as a whole has been one of the more complicated characters I’ve seen. One minute, she’ll be happy then the next she’ll be questioning herself.

Seeing Shimamura grow to understand herself, emotions and to finally accept what she wants and feels; has been entertaining. There were times throughout both episodes where it felt like she purposely made herself feel uncomfortable or distant because she hadn’t yet understood herself or didn’t want to accept the situation. Having Adachi there, pushing not only herself but Shimamura to always wanting to talk and hang out with another; helped Shimamura. Both characters are two halves of the same coin, they needed each other by each other’s side because that’s when they’re most comfortable. This is exactly what Shimamura realizes at the end of the episode when she says “I need Adachi to be that cherry blossom”. With Adachi by her side, then Shimamura will never wander aimlessly or alone, she’ll always have Adachi to count on.

Episode twelve I thought did a great job bringing this anime to a close. I am happy with the ending!

1 / 7

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