Non Non Biyori Nonstop | First Impressions

It is time! My overall first impressions on the anime, Non Non Biyori Nonstop. What did I expect from the third installment in the Non Non Biyori series? As a regular Slice of LifeComedy viewer, I guess it’s safe to say your expectations will always be low because any anime based on those genres, generally have little to no story or character development. It’s based on character interactions, their personalities, and all the funny situations they find themselves in and how they deal with it.

Going into the third season of Non Non Biyori (Non Non Biyori Nonstop). I didn’t expect much, because I knew very little would ultimately change. Maybe our main cast will get a year older etc, you know, those minor things. That being said, expected our cast to remain largely intact, I also expected the third installment to be a continuation of all the previous seasons. Which means a continuation of the same level of genuine enjoyment, smiles and laugh from an anime series that has brought me a ton of that over the years.

I am proud to announce that Non Non Biyori Nonstop has lived up to my expectations. Granted I am only three episodes in, but I can immediately tell that everything I had hoped for has happened. My cast has remained the same and the shenanigans’ and character personalities have stayed the same. How our characters interacts with one another and how their personalities influence their reactions to certain things, has always been one of the major entertainment factors for me.

Has there been any visual improvements this season? I haven’t noticed anything with regards to that. One thing I did notice however, is that our characters are a lot more expressive and more animated this season. Which in itself is an extremely easy and cheap way for comedies to up the level of entertainment a viewer experiences while watching the anime. Am I fine with that? Of course. Will there be other ways Non Non Biyori Nonstop display it’s lighthearted humor? Yes, I just haven’t stumbled across them yet.

One thing that I will touch on briefly and that is the ED “Tadaima (ただいま)”. Something that I will always notice and mention is when the voice actors of the main cast get to participate in either the OP or ED. Whenever they get to participate in either one, the enjoyment factor for me goes up 10x. I really like how more and more anime are getting their voice actors in on either the OP and ED. I think it adds to the overall feel of anime in general.

To summarize, I love everything about the third season of Non Non Biyori. It’s everything I thought it would be and I like that. I hope it continues to provide me with the same lighthearted humor as did it’s predecessors.