Non Non Biyori Nonstop | Episode 4 and 5 Review

Episode Four & FIVE Thoughts

Episode four the most segmented episode by far, as there were three different experienced experienced by our beloved Renge. Was that something I disliked? Not really, I wouldn’t say I hated it but I also wouldn’t say I loved it either. It was sort of in the middle of me. Renge has the best reactions, imagination and determination that no one in the series can ever match. No character can match her dedication to having fun and enjoying life as a little kid amongst her older friends. At times, I felt bad for her because generally speaking, (this also applies to real life too) being the youngest amongst a group of friends that are years older than you can be rough; simply because it’s hard to connect with them.

A younger version of you, would definitely have a hard time connecting and having fun with the older you and vice versa. Which is why I am happy that Renge gets to have a supporting character that can match Renge’s energy level on a consistent basis but is also around the same age of her. That character of course being Shiori. I do look forward to seeing how this new friendship develops, I’m sure it’ll only add to the anime.

If I were to compare episode four to episode five, there is something that differentiates the two episodes. What differentiates the two episodes is that one episode (episode four) feels a lot more complete. There was a lot more happening in episode four, we had all of Renge’s experiences. From her roleplaying as a police officer, being Santa delivering tomatos to everyone, to this ‘big sister’ role when she stumbles on a lost Shiori. In comparison, episode five was definitely a lesser episode. I didn’t experience the same sort of amusement or entertainment, which made episode five as a whole less enjoyable for me. It may have something to do with the other characters that featured episode five. I just didn’t find them as interesting or offered the same sort of enjoyment or energy that Renge’s character does.

Come to think of it, that’s probably one of the drawbacks of Non Non Biyori as a whole. I don’t think the other main characters or supporting cast are as impactful or strong enough to carry the show, like Renge’s character. They seem flat and dull and I guess lack in personality.