3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season | Episode 8 and 9 Review

Yup, it’s back. I was scrolling through my list on MAL, thinking to myself “What do I really want to watch?” and 3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season stuck out at me because I remember the awe I was in when I watched the first season and a little bit of the second season. Not to mention, I also wanted to finish the anime itself. So here I am back at it again!


I can definitely tell that Adachi to Shimamura takes after 3-gatsu no Lion‘s style of storytelling. One where you travel with the character as they navigate through a sea of internal struggle. Trying to make sense and understand things around you, while also feeling helpless in the moment. Not knowing what move you should make next or whether or not the move you made was the right move. Having put 3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season in the backburner for so long, I forgot how well 3-gatsu no Lion is at executing this type of storytelling. Experiencing Rei‘s internal struggles and thoughts with the beautiful animation and OST that ties everything together is simply put, mint.

I wasn’t too sure what happened in episode eight. Was I really paying attention, yes. However, there were many things that happened. There was something relating to Hinata and her struggles, Akari having to carry the weight and struggle of being the sole provider for his sisters, while her father lives a happy life away from them; and Harunobu‘s health condition. There were a lot of things thrown at you all at once and it was really overwhelming for me. These are things that Rei takes issue with because each one of them to some extent has had a positive impact on his life (for the better), so he feels indebted to them. As shown earlier in the episode when he explains everything to his teacher.

I think that was my problem with Rei. While his intentions are good, taking on more than you can physically shoulder. Putting the thoughts and needs of others before your own internal struggles is very dangerous mentally, and I can tell that Rei is already having a hard time dealing with everything.

Episode nine was also extremely hard for me to understand and to process everything that happened. It was the final match of the Newcomer’s Tournament, where he faced off against Junkei Yamazaki. Very straightforward, you play shogi until you’re unable to make anymore moves, whoever, Rei’s mind throughout the match was racing and it was really hard for me to follow. Was he upset that the guy he was facing put his friend in the hospital? (How no idea how that works if I’m being completely honest). I’m sure there were other things that he was upset about too besides that.

Trying to understand the message being told by the episode was something I had trouble finding. What did all these thoughts mean? Not a clue. But I think it was something along the lines of making sure you take care of yourself too. Anyway, regardless of what the message was, one thing is clear. Rei is a very caring individual. Even in the most important matches, he’s still thinking of those he cares about.

This episode it was about Hinata. While he views her as his savior, I am sure he sees a lot of similarities between each other. Their experiences are similar (with regards to bullying), it’s just that Rei had an escape, while Hinata doesn’t. Which is why Rei is doing everything in his power to help Hinata find that escape, whatever that maybe; something that makes her happy.

Before I end off today’s blog, I want to mention how beautiful everything was in regards to episode eight and nine. The art, animation, and background music that made parts of the anime feel dramatic and emotional, regardless of context was brilliant. Episode nine in particular gave me chills with how everything came together to present a very masterful episode. Loved every minute of it, that’s for sure.



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