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Wonder Egg Priority | Episode 3 and 4 Review

Episode three thoughts

Insert Rika Kawai an interesting character. She seems to be someone who is carefree, she has a tomboy-esk vibe, and seems to be very full of herself. My first impressions aren’t all that great because she seems very snobby. Her reasoning for participating in this egg doesn’t seem genuine but at the same time it kind of does.

It doesn’t feel genuine because the person she’s trying to bring back was someone who she called ‘fatty’ and ugly and calls Chiemi ‘her wallet’. Saying “I’d be too embarrassed to be seen with a fatty in the first place”. I hate to be rude and to sound insensitive but why do you want to bring back someone who you’ve effectively bullied. Then comes the flip side. It weirdly at the same time seems genuine because she feels remorse and regret for what she’s said and wants to right all the wrongs she’s said and done to Chiemi. At the end of the day, Chiemi wanted to be her friend, but Rika’s personality at the time (she was an Japanese idol) I guess didn’t permit that? To be honest, I’m very confused with Rika.

Me watching this episode comes at a weird time in world because if you’re following the world of ‘k-pop’, then you already know of several bullying sandals and accusations that is currently taking the idol industry by storm. There definitely is some relation to that.

Episode three also felt very short and I think left a lot of wholes. I’m also not too sure what Rika and Ai are saving these two girls from. All we know is that they’re diehard fans of this ‘Yu-Yu’ group and that’s about it. Hopefully episode four clears up whatever they’re (Rika and Ai) are supposed to be doing.


Episode four was a mix of two episode simultaneously happening at once, which made the first half of the episode hard to follow. We have Rika and Ai’s mission overlapping with the new character, Momoe Sawaki. The missions we see Momo go on were coincidently related to stuff that happen on the train, the primary mission being her saving a girl from a molester. Which was hard for me to watch not going to lie, it’s a very real problem and you couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable.

Like Rika, we do not know much about Momo. Which is something I do not like because I’m a sucker for backstory I want to know more about both of them because they’re part of the main cast. So whenever we (the viewer) do not know much about the new additions it kind of frustrates me. However, I can tell immediately, that Momo seems to be someone very insecure about herself. She dresses masculine and I am sure her ‘not looking feminine’ has something to do with her wanting to bring back Hanoka. Not too sure though because we know little to nothing about Momo’s situation.

Hopefully the next few episodes I watch provide a little bit more information with regards to both Rika and Momo. I am curious as to what they’ve had to endure and more about their motivations to bringing their I guess you can call them ‘friends’ back. I would also like to quickly mention as well this teacher that keeps popping up in Ai’s life seems like a very bad man and I do not want to see more of him.

He’s like that main antagonist that everyone hates with all their life, even in anime. There are some characters that you just hate, even the mere mention of his name or his presence in a scene pisses me off.

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