Non Non Biyori Nonstop | Episode 8 and 9 Reivew

episode eight thoughts

Who would have thought that both Konomi and Akane would have been given so much screen time. I feel like as the episodes progressed, they’ve been given more and more screen time. At this point, I would consider them as part of the main cast for sure. Is it something I dislike, not really. If I am being honest, I’m actually indifferent. Overall I think the two of them add to the general slice of life vibe for sure, you can tell that they’re sort of used as a buffer between segments within any given episode; which is alright.

It’s almost like this little side story, about someone who doesn’t really seem like someone who’d fit in, someone with her own insecurities etc, finding comfort in someone who shares the same interests. This person of course being Konomi, who then helps Akane overcome her insecurities to make new friends and to be more confident in herself. This point was apparent in episode eight with Konomi supporting Akane in overcoming her fears of play her flute infront of people. While we do not see much in terms of character development from our main cast (Hotaru, Komari, Natsumi and Renge), we definitely see a ton of it with regards to Akane.

In which case, episode eight is like the best of both worlds because you have a little bit of slice of life, with a little bit of character development thrown in there to space things up. That’s something I really quite like.

episode NINE thoughts

Episode nine did something I didn’t expect. The episode didn’t focus on everyone as a whole, it instead focused in on the Koshigaya household and in particular the relationship between Komari and Natsumi. To me, their relationship is what I consider the ‘ideal’ sibling relationship because it has a little bit of everything. It has a little bit of chaos, there’s teasing between the two, a little bit of laughs, etc.

Apart from that however, one thing that I did notice about this episode was that it felt pretty short. While yes, this episode’s main focus was on Komari and Natsumi. There were times where I was kind of bored, there were also times when I felt like there should be something more happening. The only time when I felt entertained was when Natsumi was teasing Komari about her terrible cooking skills, her knitting skills and Komari’s fear of ghosts. However, inbetween those parts there wasn’t anything in particular that held my attention, I found myself drifting and doing other things while watching. Waiting for parts that would pull my attention back in, parts that would being a smile to my face.

I think that’s my only gripe about the episode. I couldn’t help but think that there should have been more going on during the episode. More segments or scenes that held the attention of the viewer, something that episode nine lacked in my opinion.



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