Wonder Egg Priority | Episode 5 and 6 Review

Episode five and SIX thoughts

Episode five was almost like a mixed bag for me. It was neither a bad episode or a bad episode, it was in-between. There were parts that I liked about it, like for example Rika questioning Ai on her real motives. Rika playing devil’s advocate was something I really enjoyed. How do you know if the person you’re trying to save, really wants to come back? Why should we take responsible for their deaths? Do you really know what they wanted? These are all valid questions.

We found out more about Neiru. In fact, she doesn’t want to save her sister because her sister stabbed her before she killed herself. Like Neiru, she doesn’t know why and she wants to find out. Which is why she’s doing these wonder missions. Could it be that Neiru is fueled by hate? Possibly. Neiru says she’s doing it for herself because she cannot move on from the fact that her own sister stabbed her. So maybe she wants to find the reason as to why her sister did what she did. It could also be that Neiru has a grudge on her and wants to give level with her. Which could also be the case.

The one thing I disliked about the episode was that it felt like a ‘filler’ episode. Just a lot of conversation with no real action. It felt like an setup episode for Neiru’s cause, but it also felt like episode five was setting the stage for Ai finding out the impact Shuuichirou Sawaki had on the death of her friend. Regardless of the intended purpose of the episode, filler/setup episodes are things I’ve grown to dislike the older I get.

Much like episode five, episode six doesn’t offer much with regards to information. I hate to be that person, but I didn’t like episode six. For starters, I really don’t like Shuuichirou Sawaki. There’s just something about him that I do not like. What really bothers me about him is that we know little to nothing about this Shuuichirou character and we do not know the role he plays in Ai’s greater story. There are many unknowns and there are many things that hint at him being a possible antagonist of sorts. It weirds me out and makes me feel extremely uncomfortable. Furthermore, I was also confused about what Ai came to the realization to at the end of the episode, wanting to catch up with Shuuichirou at school; with a smile etched on her face.

I guess it could be that Shuuichirou was doing everything in his power to help Koito with whatever she was going through, but ultimately it was all for not. That could be a real possibility, however, with how he’s portrayed it seems like the opposite. We’re viewing everything through the eyes of Ai and what she’s interpreted and understood (which we now know she knew little to nothing). So it could be that Ai was just jumping to conclusions, clinging onto the possibility that Shuuichirou may have played a role in Koito’s suicide.

There are still many unknowns that have yet to be answered. I personally think that episodes five and six were definitely the weaker episodes of Wonder Egg Priority for sure.



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