Wonder Egg Priority | Episode 7 and 8 Review

One thing this anime does deserve credit for is how amazing the art and animation has been. Each episode has been absolutely stunning. While each episode has been rather dark and gloomy, there are always a things that are always noticeable in these gloomy episodes. These of course are the Wonder Killers, our main characters and the weapons used to defeat these Wonder Killers. All the major points of interests that the studio wants you to see are highlighted and stick out, this is something I really like about the show. Not to mention, the style and overall vibe reminds me a lot about Kyoto Animation. Which is one of my favourite studios.

Episode seven and EIGHT thoughts

I think we’ve approached the episodes where the anime starts to dedicate sole episodes for each of our characters. If that’s truly the case then I welcome it with open arms, I’ve been wanting to know more about our main characters. This episode was focused on Rika. We learned a lot about her. Who would have thought that her mother was someone who has slept around and is someone who is constantly drinking. Furthermore, would have known that Rika was a result of her mother’s antics with one of the men she had slept with. That’s something extremely damaging for the child (Rika), knowing that your mother does that and also knowing that she (your mother) doesn’t know who your father is because of her own antics; all seems sad.

This episodes I think shows how vulnerable Rika was. When someone offers you a way out, an escape from everything when you’re already weak and barely holding on. The prospect of that could be extremely tempting and something you’d want to experience. When you’re at your lowest, an escape from reality is something that will always cross the mind. Especially when you feel alone. Luckily for her, Rika had a support base, who was there to save her from herself in the end.

I hope that Rika gets to meet her father one day, whoever this person may be. It may just be me, however, I think the reason why Rika’s mother is the way she is (massive drinker) is because she regrets what she’s done and what she’s put her father through. So her drinking is her coping mechanism. I think deep down Rika’s mother wants her daughter to meet her father, whoever that person is. After all, she’s Rika’s mother and no parents wants to see their child suffering or unhappy. From what is implied the relationship between Rika and her mother is basically known existent, however, Rika feels a strong urge to protect her, despite her flaws. Which I think is a step forward in the right direction.

I’m also with Rika on this one. I do not think that an of the males in anyone of the pictures her mother had given her is her father. I think it’s someone entirely different, someone who genuinely cared for her mother and Rika. It’s just that the behaviour of the mother forcibly pushed him away.

Moving onto episode eight. Episode eight is 100% different from every episode thus far. It doesn’t contain anything involving our main characters. There is no Wonder Killer. There is no one that needs saving. Instead it’s a recap episode. It was simply an episode showing little snippets from the previous seven episodes and it also introduced all four of our characters and how Wonder Eggs work. I thought that part was pretty cool. It isn’t something you typically see in anime, I certainly haven’t come across anything like this midway through a series before. This was new and definitely fresh.

Given that Wonder Egg Priority covers very serious topics, topics that can be very uncomfortable but relatable. Topics that in society are topics that aren’t discussed all that often, topics that are damaging both emotionally and physically. Having an episode like episode eight, where it sort of serves as a ‘breather’ episode was a nice way to break up the emotional pounding you’d get watching the episodes. It certainly was nice for me because watching an episode is emotionally exhausting for me, it was a nice change of pace.

Wonder Egg Priority is definitely one of the best anime to air this winter season. I hope this anime’s last episode is worthy of the praise and hype this anime has gained over it’s airtime.