Wonder Egg Priority | Episodes 9 and 10 Review

Episode Nine and Ten thoughts

OHHHHHH. What is this! How are these mannequins Acca and Ura-Acca once human and founders of the “Japan Plati”. Why’d they become mannequins in the first place and more importantly, what role does Neiru‘s assistant play in all of this. How is she able to interact with Acca and Ura-Acca? I thought this Wonder Egg thing was an alternate Universe sort of deal that only the girls (our protagonists) can enter. How are they able to project these dreams our characters are facing in real life. All of this blows my mind and I feel like there’s something sketchy going on.

Is there some sort of fight we’re gearing up towards. They mention this “Thanatos” figure and how they need “warriors of Eros” could it be this Wonder Egg stuff is their (Acca and Ura-Acca’s) way of preparing our four protagonists for the ultimate fight against this “Thanatos” figure?

Did Momoe really get her friend back? I do not think she did just because of how the whole scene played out. Haruka’s statue disappeared and we saw Haruka in human form, only to disappear once again. I am not too sure what happened there, but with how the scene played out, it implied that regardless of how hard you fight to bring back your ‘loved’ ones, they’re gone for good. Which is probably why Haruka disappeared the way she did. I do not know what confronted Momoe at the end of the episode but it was something very traumatizing.

There are many questions that arise over these two episodes, none of which are actually answered (as expected). As the anime is slotted for twelve episodes, what episodes nine and ten does, is setup the final two episodes to be action packed and very emotional. I do not know what is going to happen, but I also cannot wait to see what happens. I am almost certain that this final boss “Thanatos” symbolizes our characters inability to move on and that these “Warriors of Eros” are supposed to take on the form of them (our characters) accepting that their ‘loved ones’ are gone and and past an experience that has only caused you grief.

This is all speculation, but I feel like that is the premise that both episodes are going to follow. Overall I am excited but also saddened, episode ten left off on a pretty good cliffhanger. I am excited to see what happens next, but I am also saddened that Wonder Egg Priority is almost at its end. The climax is bound to be epic.



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