Wonder Egg Priority | Episode 11 and 12 Review

Episode Eleven and Twelve Thoughts

So what you’re telling me is that these two mannequin figures created an AI ‘daughter-like’ figure. What can go wrong with that? It’s totally not like this AI, named Frill, a robot you gave real emotion to (simply because why not) would totally not backfire on you. Oh no, not at all. Episode eleven is literally everyone’s worst fears with artificial intelligence. AI rising up and kill us all. Proving that we are no longer their masters, but they’re the masters of us. As shown by Frill. Since she was given emotion and was designed to have flaws by these two numbnuts. Whenever something or someone came across Frill that would interfere in her ‘family’ which was herself, Acca and Ura-Acca alone, she kills them.

How does she do it? Not entirely sure, but apparently through two figures called Dot and Hyphen. Nothing like an AI controlling what I assume to be other AI figures to do the masters bidding. But through how? Temptation of death. Which is somehow linked to all the suicides that have taken place throughout the anime. What’s crazy to me is that Frill kills Acca’s wife because she was expecting a child, then later on through Dot and Hyphen tempted Acca’s daughter in her teen years to commit suicide. Acca and Ura-Acca created something they thought would provide them comfort but gave them the ultimate evil and now they’re trying to correct their mistake. On another note, since Frill was a robot, couldn’t you have just sliced her open and removed the chip that made her work? I guess they didn’t think that far. I personally would have done that after she murdered Acca’s wife.

But anyway, it’s actually very interesting because Frills motives live on through Hyphen and Dot, the so-called “Temptation of Death”, who tempt other girls to commit suicide. These Wonder Eggs which were created to correct Acca’s and Ura-Acca’s own mistakes, were a way of altering history, saving that girl from suicide and protecting them from their Wonder Monster. Which I now think were controlled by Dot, Hyphen and to some extent Frill. Considering that there is only one more episode left in the anime, I assume that the fight between Ai and Dot and Hyphen will be a quick one. This is a shame because I believe the final boss fight should always be at least two episodes minimum.

As for episode twelve, it is without a doubt the worst episode of Wonder Egg Priority as it doesn’t answer any questions, it only adds confusion. Like, I do not understand why this alternate Ai killed herself. I feel like they added this parallel universe because they could. Why add something so complex only for one episode and without any real context or for any real reason? There was no real boss fight other that I thought there would have been, so episode eleven is basically pointless; which frustrates the heck out of me. Again, this is all my opinion, but why do we build up to this point, have all our characters overcome their own demons and for them to go on these missions of saving others. Only to have everything, all the progression we’ve made get wiped out in the end like it was nothing?

Episode twelve was extremely frustrating. I do not want to be that person but it really killed the general vibe of the anime as a whole. It a disappointing end to what was a great anime.



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