Yesterday wo Utatte | Episode 6 and 7 Review

Yup, I have unfinished business with this anime as well. It’s about hightime that I finish it, so get ready for a binge watch to begin!

Episode Six and Seven Thoughts

Having watched Horimiya, one thing that struck me immediately only just a few seconds into the episode six was how similar the art design between Yesterday wo Utatte and Horimiya look. The major thing of course is that to me, both of them seem like well drawn sketches that were animated. The difference is that I think Yesterday wo Utatte linework is a lot more pronounced and is a lot more thick than Horimiya which generally feels a lot more loose and light. Overall this ‘well drawn sketch’ style is something I like.

I really liked episode six. Was it a little weird to allow one of your former ex’s to stay over at your place while she got her life sorted? Probably, it was probably a little weird. However, since their relationship had only lasted 4 months and it was during their high school years, I guess it was far enough removed for it not to be too awkward. Which provided to be the case for both Chika and Rikuo. Both of which are having a hard time with reality, so while their encounter may not have been coincidence (Chika saying she knew that Rikuo would help her out) it was for sure beneficial for the both of them.

What I liked most about the episode was in more ways than one, the two of them were similar. They both were actively trying to find their place and to some extent both of them were trying to find acceptance in a world they they themselves thought wouldn’t accept them as they were. When you’re alone and you’re trying to figure things out for yourself by yourself it can certainly be hard. They were able to provide proper both moral and physical support for one another. Obviously, Chika needed it more than Rikuo, however at the end of the episode, it seems like Chika was able to sort herself out faster than he was; and left Rikuo’s home quickly not before giving him words of encouragement telling him to hang in there.

Overall it was a nice episode, sometimes the best form of support is to have someone there to talk to, which is what Rikuo had in Chika, and what Chika had in Rikuo even if for a short period of time.

Moving onto episode seven, one thing I do enjoy about Yesterday wo Utatte is how all our characters, are trying to find who they are, and where they fit in society. Navigating through a maze of feelings, trying to figure out what they feel, and how they feel without trying to hurt those they hold dear. Now Shinako is at an impasse, what should do about Rou who has feelings for her? What should she do about her own feelings for Rou’s brother and For Rikuo for that matter?

To me, I do not think that she’ll ever sort herself out just because of how indecisive she is a whole. Shinako isn’t someone I like all too much, it seems like she’s a character who’s main purpose is to add an element of inner conflict within the story itself. C- for me.



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