Higehiro | Episode 1 Review

Episode One Thoughts

Office worker Yoshida has been crushing on his coworker, Airi Gotou, for five years. Despite finally scoring a date with her, his confession is promptly rejected. Drunk and disappointed, he stumbles home, only to find a high school girl sitting on the side of the road. The girl, needing a place to stay the night, attempts to seduce Yoshida. Despite rejecting her advances, he nevertheless invites her into his apartment.

The next morning, the girl, introducing herself as Sayu Ogiwara, reveals that she has run away from Hokkaido all the way to Tokyo. During her six-month spree, she continually traded sexual favors for a roof over her head. Yoshida, however, remains unswayed by her seduction. Instead, he has her do a different kind of work—one that entails washing dishes and doing laundry. And so, a touching relationship between a heartbroken adult and a runaway high school girl begins.

The synopsis was enough to interest me and so far the first episode was decent. What it did was set the stage for what will be a very interesting dynamic between Sayu and Yoshida. Right off the bat you can see how much self control Yoshida has to promptly reject Sayu’s advances to seduce him while drunk, and how caring he is letting Sayu stay over at his house. Yoshida is also very protective of Sayu, almost like a father figure. He wants Sayu to value herself more and to not perform sexual favours just to find a place to stay, Yoshida wants her to have higher standards for herself. He’s also quick to call all the other guys that Sayu has met “Shitty people” because he’s a person of morals and also because I’m sure he wants Sayu to know that whatever those guys did was not right and that you shouldn’t accept that as your reality.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens next, I’m sure their relationship will develop more as is typical with anime that are genred as Drama, and Romance. I’m sure that their will be feelings for one another will become a factor along with any disturbances that come with that. Overall, I am quite satisficed with the first episode. I am looking forward to seeing more.



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