Yesterday wo Utatte | Episode 10 and 11

Episode Ten and Eleven Thoughts

Being completely honest, I’m very disappointed with the latter half of Yesterday wo Utatte. Which is a shame because I really adore the art style of the anime and to see it go to waste because of the direction of the story kills whatever entertainment value was left for me.

For starters, are Shinako and Rikuo dating? Or is it like one of those things where both individuals know that they like each other and hang out as if they’re dating but they are not yet officially? I also didn’t like how everything literally kicked off over the last few episodes. In the span of two episodes, we have effectively killed off any and all relationships Shinako and Rikuo have had with the other characters. With the complete dismantling of the everything Yesterday wo Utatte has tried to build up over the course of the now previous nine episodes, I certainly hope that episode twelve is going to be that episode that knocks my socks off. I will not accept anything less than that.

Maybe it’s just the anime, but generally speaking if there was one thing that this anime severally lacked which this anime could have benefited from, it’s character development. Over the past eleven episodes there wasn’t really anything that screamed “Ah yes, they’re learning”. Since I don’t believe that any of the characters are fleshed out in the anime, whatever development the character did have, felt like it was forced. I believe that the way this anime got it’s characters to grow was by forcing them into coincidences. Nothing about it felt natural, it feels like I’m watching highly scripted events. Unfortunately, episode ten and eleven were exactly that for me.

I won’t be doing an Anime Review for Yesterday wo Utatte because of how long I’ve put this anime on the backburner so my episode twelve review will be that end-all and be-all. In short, the ending of this anime better be good or this anime will end in disaster. D- for me at this point.