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Higehiro | Episode 2 and 3 Review

Episode Two and Three Thoughts

Being completely honest, episode two wasn’t really that eventful. The episode itself was more geared towards Yoshida, as the episode looked to expand his character. Yoshida is essentially this stable older brother figure for Sayu. He’s basically everything Sayu needed with regards to someone willing to take care of her and treat her right. I believe the intention here, obviously is to help Sayu move on from the past and help her move forward; but it also for Yoshida to help Sayu’s perception of men and to help her dig herself out of a dangerous cycle.

In comparison while episode two was primarily centered around Yoshida, episode three was centered around Sayu. You can immediately tell that there’s something there, she feels something towards Yoshida something she’s never felt with any other guy. It’s probably because all the other guys she’s been with had treated her like shit while Yoshida has continued to treat her like a normal person regardless of her past. Which is probably why she feels a level of attraction or admiration towards him because she’s being treated as a human with feelings not as an object only used for the pleasure of men. I personally would have liked it better if there was some sort of build up to this point because now it’s like, she now understands.

He doesn’t want to have intercourse with her, Yoshida doesn’t want to toy with Sayu’s feelings. It just took Sayu a little bit to figure that out because she was confused, she didn’t know if Yoshida was making her do all these chores, as well as these other quality of life items so that he could get something out of her in the end. Sayu wanted to be ahead, she wanted to leave before she was kicked out after sex; something that has happened before. So it’s nice that Yoshida took the time to explain to her that he isn’t like the rest and genuinely wants to see be happy.

If that part in particular was a little more drawn out then it would have made everything 50x better for me because I enjoy a little bit more of the dramatics. I want things to pull at my heartstrings, I want to be emotionally attached. While episode two was great in terms of character and relationship building. I wanted it all to be a *little* more dramatic. I wanted to feel the pull, that tugging sensation in my chest, but alas, I didn’t get that.

Overall, both episodes combined were good. I certainly liked episode three a lot more than episode two because there was a lot more going on, there just was a lot more content. It held my attention better than episode two and that’s important when you want to bring back people for more, something I will be doing.

1 / 6
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