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My thoughts

It’s movie time! It’s been awhile since I last watched a movie. Since I’m for the most part caught up with all the anime I’m currently watching, I thought it would be nice to break from that cycle and relax with a short movie. The movie of choice, Seitokai Yakuindomo Movie.

If you’re unaware of the anime the movie is a part of then I highly suggest you go give it a look. Seitokai Yakuindomo, is one of my all-time favourite comedic anime because of all the perverted jokes everyone within the school makes. Unlike perverted comedic anime today, where a lot of the comedy feels forced. Something about Seitokai Yakuindomo and the way it goes about it’s comedy feels so natural it’s weirdly entertaining. It’s so natural that you won’t even notice that a joke had been said until you see the funny animation that goes with it. I love that. Granted the first season aired in 2010 and it’s second season aired in 2014. For all the jokes that fill both seasons, it was definitely a bold thing to do for the times.

I knew I was going to enjoy this movie because roughly ten minutes in I’ve experienced more laughter than I have watching all the currently airing anime right now and that’s saying something. Although the first movie aired in 2017, a full seven years after the first season and three years after the second season the fact that we kept the OP “”Hanasaku☆Saikyou Legend Days (花咲く☆最強レジェンドDays)” by Triple Booking” is absolute god-tier. I LOVED THAT.

I forgot how crazy all the jokes were. It amazes me how everything under the sun gets referred to in this movie. All the dirty jokes, all the inappropriate innuendoes, literally everything happens so quickly that you barely have time to process each scene. I guess that could be scene as a bad thing, but for myself I view that as a strength of the anime because you’re getting hit with reference after reference, joke after jokes and I quite like that style. Not to mention, since this anime treats everything as ‘normal’, it also means none of the characters force it. It allows for a more free flowing experience since literally everyone in the anime, views this as the norm and as part of everyday life.

Could the jokes said throughout the movie make people feel uncomfortable? Heck yeah. Obviously with an anime such as Seitokai Yakuindomo it only appeals to a select few. It just so happens that I am one of those select few who find this sort of thing extremely funny and entertaining. I also cannot believe that I watched this anime when it first aired all those years back, it also makes me wish that there had been a third season to Seitokai Yakuindomo. Instead I’ll have to settle for the second movie that was released earlier in the year (A movie I will be getting to some time in the next couple of weeks).

Now I’m going to double back and play devils advocate here. There was one major thing that I also disliked about this movie, this one major dislike is also the main source to all the other minor things I disliked. This was it’s length. The movie itself is only 60 minutes long, because of this, everything felt extremely fast to the point where it felt a little overwhelming at times. You’re hit with arc after arc in quick succession. There wasn’t enough time to appreciate each joke or scene. Furthermore, since everything was split into arcs that lasted roughly 5 – 10 minutes each (or less). It made the movie a little too choppy. Honestly, it didn’t really feel like a movie. It felt like a series of different unrelated arcs put into a 60 minute episode. Which is something you don’t typically see with your ‘typical’ movie. But then again, Seitokai Yakuindomo is not your typical anime and therefore you should also expect that it’s movie will not be your typical movie.

You can definitely tell that everyone involved with the anime and all its other forms love what their doing. Seitokai Yakuindomo has always been unique because it takes things that normally isn’t talked about and makes it common practice, they normalize what generally is taboo. It’s uncensored, unregulated self is extremely entertaining, especially when exaggerated. They also know how to play with the feelings of those who like shipping characters, I for example, love shipping characters that I think fit. The writers were very aware of that and made sure to add in moments that only fed into that ‘shipping’ niche. “You want to ship? We got you”. They sure played it extremely well with that ending of theirs, as shown by the right picture below. It made me scream out loud “What did she say?!”, as someone who ships Amakusa and Tsuda, I was definitely freaking out. However, as is customary with an anime that is all about sexual jokes, the scene that looked and felt like a confession was just Amakusa asking Tsuda asking “What’s a healthy high school boys masturbation cycle like?”

For a ‘movie’ that is now several years old, I think it’s aged pretty well. Nothing about the jokes feel outdated, even though the art style itself feel a little old. But I do think that it’s still better than a lot of the anime that air now; which is saying something. As someone who has a bias towards this anime, I very much enjoyed it. If you haven’t seen Seitokai Yakuindomo series, then I definitely recommend it IF you’re into sexual jokes and things of that sort. I also highly suggest you watch it by yourself in your room with headphones on too, just to be safe!