Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san | Episode 6 Review

Episode Six Thoughts

Weirdly enough, I seemed to enjoy episode six a lot more than the other previous episode. I think this has something to do with the fact that it wasn’t your conventional episode. The first half of the episode, without a doubt, gave off a pretty slick adventure vibe; I liked that. Episode six was also a nod to the animators and artists who have worked on this anime. Being able to break from your normal ‘high school’ setting to provide a different experience like animating and drawing an adventure/fantasy-esk setting must have been nice. The animation and art design do show this because I also think that episode six is the best-looking episode of the bunch.

While I still find Nagatoro’s friends extremely annoying, I find myself liking Nagatoro more and more with each passing episode. While her antics mimic her friends, you can definitely see that she’s a lot more caring and thoughtful of Hachiouji. Not to mention, I find that Nagatoro is growing less annoying with each passing episode as well, which is weird because her antics are also becoming a lot more intense(?).

Overall, for what it’s worth, the episode wasn’t too entertaining; there were some parts that I did like. Yes, like the first half of the episode, towards the end when Nagatoro called Hachiouji asking if he enjoyed his time at the beach and the ED. However, it felt like not enough was happening to keep me watching. This seems to be a trend with this anime. Since it’s animating two chapters at a time per episode, you would think that there would be more to each episode. But it doesn’t look like that’s the case right now, which is disappointing. C+.


Now that we have reached the halfway mark of the anime. I just wanted to briefly give me thoughts on everything that I’ve seen up until now. Overall, Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san lacks that ‘major’ feature, that one major attraction that keeps the viewer entertained. The comedy provided hasn’t been all the great, having just finished Seitokai Yakuindomo Movie, which like this anime, runs on lewd jokes (Seitokai Yakuindomo Movie being the extreme). The jokes and such in Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san have much to be desired.

Furthermore, the pairing of Nagatoro and Hachiouji has much to be desired too. I understand that the intention is to have them grow as a pairing, but everything up until now hasn’t felt satisfactory. I don’t think the character of Hachiouji has done or is pulling their weight to help make the anime entertaining. He is still serving as the punching back for Nagatoro, who is tasked to carry the anime to the finish line. That’s all fine and well; however, the one major problem I have with Nagatoro and her friends is that they can be a little too excessive to the point that it turns people away or it becomes too cringe to watch. That’s an aspect of the characters that I do not really like.

The jokes aren’t that great, and the characters don’t really work well together. This is a shame because the manga is a good comedic read. It just doesn’t feel like its adaptation is doing the manga and its author justice.