Higehiro | Episodes 6 and 7 Review

Overall thoughts

So I’m going to do what I’ve been doing recently, where I just combine both episodes into one big review. Maybe it’s just me, but with each passing episode, I find myself finding less interested with Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou, and I do not know why. When I saw episode six in the manga, I immediately thought, “I’m going to hate this when it gets animated,” and sure enough, I hated it. Man, that dude is literally such a dickhead, and I hate him. The ULTIMATE antagonist. The worst human being, without a doubt, is Kyouya Yaguchi. My goodness, I couldn’t stand watching that episode, especially with that dude in it — it drove me mad. The only positive that could be taken out of that traumatic experience for Sayu is that now she knows 100% that Yoshida will be there to protect her and that her new friend Asami will also be there to protect her. Also, another positive is that now Sayu knows what she wants. Sayu wants to return to a life of normalcy; she wants to be happy again. I think that’s the ultimate goal for her, to be happy. Luckily for her, with the support base, she now has, I hope she’s able to rediscover that happiness.

All that being said, we follow up a ‘traumatic’ episode with one that has left more questions than anything else. For example, Sayu is now seemingly okay (?) around Kyouya (I guess?). Which is extremely odd considering what he did to her last episode. Then to add to the weirdness, during episode seven, Kyouya had Sayu’s back when Sayu’s brother came into the convenience store looking for her. Firstly, I wouldn’t have continued to work with Kyouya as my co-worker. Secondly, what was with this change of heart for Kyouya? I guess just one episode is enough to turn this person into a more ‘less-scum-like’ individual. Thirdly, how did Sayu’s brother find out where his sister worked in the first place? Unless there is some behind-the-scenes informant, how did he know where to find Sayu and what convenience store she worked at? That is some next-level stalker stuff.

I don’t know if this anime is really it for me. I understand that the majority Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou is all about Sayu and her journey. Then let’s focus on that. I do not need the weird love triangle that is starting to appear for Yoshida. No one is there to watch Mishima and Gotou hit and fight for Yoshida. I certainly am not there for that. When you have almost half of episode seven dedicated to both support characters discussing who between themselves has the best chance of landing Yoshida, it makes the episode very boring. Not to mention, when half of the episode is all about “Who will land Yoshida first,” you now don’t have enough time to expand on the new plotline that is developing between Sayu and her brother. It definitely makes episode seven a pretty bad episode.

Overall, both episodes felt extremely sloppy for me. It didn’t feel like anything was planned out, which was frustrating. The letter grade I’ll be giving both episodes as a collective is an F. Episodes six and seven were major turn-off episodes for me. I hope all the future episodes do better.



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