Higehiro | Episode 8 Review

Episode Eight Thoughts

What’s interesting to me is how big of a deal they’re making out of Sayu’s brother coming to get her. We do not yet know the specifics of why it’s such a big deal, but with how the tone and general mood have been over the course of the anime, it’s for sure giving off an uneasy vibe.

There is another thing I’m growing to dislike about this anime. Whether or not it’s intentional, I don’t like how everyone and their mother likes Yoshida (to varying degrees). In my opinion, I think that’s a very cheap way of providing another element to a Drama, Romance Anime. The drama and romance should surround Sayu and Yoshida, not Yoshida and everyone else. I’m not here to watch all the other characters who have feelings for Yoshida gush over him.

Luckily for me, we didn’t see much of that, and instead, we jump right to Sayu and Yoshida going to a summer festival together, where they have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Which is something that everyone wants to see, and it sure didn’t disappoint. Episode eight deserves a lot of praise, especially regarding how it uses the OST to set the mood. It set a solemn and emotional tone for when Sayu and Yuzuha spoke to each other in the Karaoke booth. The OST worked wonders towards the latter half of the anime when Sayu and Yoshida watched the fireworks together. The mood then felt a lot more appreciative, loving and emotional. Which is exactly the mood that I expected. Episode eight, to me, showed how much Sayu meant to Yoshida (Him asking her if she really wants to go home) and Yoshida to Sayu (for obvious reasons). You can definitely feel the admiration and affection they have for one another and how appreciative they are to have been in each other’s lives.

Watching them grow fonder with each other was really nice for the heart. Seeing their relationship develop into one where they could trust, care and worry for one another was also wonderful. However, this is one of those big tricks! The anime builds these two characters and the bond between them, only to have everything ruined by one character, which I assume will be Sayu’s brother and will be something that takes up the remaining few episodes.

Am I looking forward to that? Not, not at all. In fact, I think Sayu’s brother is a stalker because he could find out not only where Sayu worked but where Yoshida lived to get her sister. I hope there will be a fight to protect Sayu from her family because she had to run away for a reason, and I am sure we’re going to get into that very soon.



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