Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san | Episode 9 Review

Episode Nine Thoughts

As per usual, in an episode of Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san it is split into two halves. Today, I thought that the second half was better than the first half. I am sure many of you who have also seen the episode will agree as well. I don’t know why this seems to be the case; however, I find myself enjoying the episode more when the episode is in its later stages.

So why was the second half of the episode a lot better and, therefore, a lot more enjoyable (to me)? It’s pretty simple. You’re able to tell that there is some kind of connection between Nagatoro and Hachiouji. One thing that is made clear is that Nagatoro definitely likes him. This is shown by her being up in arms when Hachiouji has to pretend to be Sakura’s boyfriend in order to have one of her stalkers leave her alone. You could also tell that all of Nagatoro’s friends knew that she liked Hachiouji, as they seemed to egg her on and tease her about it. Which was something I found entertaining because seeing the normally tough Nagatoro change into a shell of herself whenever Hachiouji does something that embarrasses her or when her friends tease her about Hachiouji is very entertaining.

This does not excuse the fact that the episode overall does fall a little short in my eyes. While there are a few things scattered throughout the episode which could have been viewed as entertaining and enjoyable. Episode nine does fall in line with many of the previous episodes as mediocre. This, again, is a shame because I cannot help but feel like there could have been more happening. Maybe that speaks to the manga since it’s a straight adaption. Maybe the story itself is better suited in its manga form than its animated form.



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