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Higehiro | Episode 10 Review

Episode Ten Thoughts

First thing I thought was “Damn, Sayu’s family sucks”, her father had affairs and left long before Sayu was born, and her mother only had Sayu because she thought having her would make their father come back. Which didn’t happen and it’s because of that thought her mother had, that she resents having her. Which is a scum thing to do quite honestly, I get frustrated just thinking about it. Something else that frustrated me was how Yoshida was acting. The fact that he tried living his life as if nothing happened really triggered me, not to mention the fact that he also thought that Sayu didn’t need his support was annoying as well. Sayu only came this far because she had the support of her friends yeah, but more importantly, because she had the support of Yoshida. Without his support, without a doubt, Sayu’s life would have been drastically different and the fact that Yoshida thought Sayu was strong enough to face her problems alone without support was very frustrating.

When Sayu and Yoshida sat on top of that hill that overlooked the city, you could tell that they needed each other. They depended each other. When Sayu talked about was to come and the culmination of everything that has happened up until that point, I couldn’t help but get emotional. It felt like she was accepting of everything, grateful and optimistic of the future that she was going to have. However, I couldn’t help but think that her speech to Yoshida, her unloading her thoughts was a last ditch effort to make Yoshida realize that she wanted him to be there with her when Sayu confronts her mother.

At that moment in time, Sayu realized how much Yoshida means to him, but you could also tell that Yoshida didn’t know how much she meant to him and it took him a while to realize what was important to him and how he cared most about. Which is also why I am happy that his friend was there to talk some sense into him. Seeing Yoshida in denial as I’ve mentioned was very frustrating. I don’t know why he refused to acknowledge his feelings, I understand that there is a major age difference between the two and that they were in different stages of their lives, but we all knew that he shared a bond with her that no one else could relate to. Seeing him deny those feelings for Sayu, being unable to acknowledge how much he leaned on Sayu and vise versa was very frustrating. It only took him not being able to reach Sayu by phone to realize how much she meant to him.

With all that being said, I was also over the moon when Yoshida said that he would accompany Sayu to meet her mother. I thought that was the best thing and it really pulled at the heartstrings. Overall episode ten can be viewed as the calm before the storm. I am sure the next few episodes will be an emotional rollercoaster and that is something I am really excited for.

This episode is definitely a solid A from me.

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