86 – Eighty Six | Episode 10 Review

Episode Ten Thoughts

There was just something so peaceful about the opening few minutes of episode ten. Maybe it’s because the surviving members of the Spearhead were back in the 86th district, a place where a lot of them called home. Everything about the district felt vibrant and lively compared to the trashy headquarters they stayed at previously. I enjoyed this episode in that regard. Forced to fight in a hopeless war, where the country you called home stripped you of your own identity, branded you as an ‘undesirable’ and sent everyone who you knew and loved to die. In the midst of all that, the chaos, death and destruction, there are scenes throughout the episode where you’re unable to tell that there has been a war raging for years. Virtually untouched by those war machines and death, where wildlife is thriving and where the water is clear. I thought it was a nice change.

Another thing I absolutely adored about episode ten because even though it felt very happy in some respects, you couldn’t help but feel tense at the same time. They’re on a death mission, yeah, and that’s something we still have to get to. However, this episode is quite literally the calm before the storm. All the remaining members of the Spearhead enjoying their last moments together as they do not know what will happen next. Episode ten was one of those instances where we saw these hardened veterans of war, all of whom had their hearts go cold and whatever left they had of their emotions ravaged by death and loss. Smile and laugh together, and more importantly, they’re enjoying the freedom that was stripped away from them. Seeing them enjoy something that they had longed to have for such a long time was very emotional. What hurt me most was that I knew that this could very well be the last few moments of freedom, of living a life they never got to live. Thinking about all of that made me extremely tense.

To add to this already uneasy feeling, this episode felt relatively short because the latter half of the episode was dedicated to the members of the Spearhead. They didn’t get to be where these guys are now. Experiencing something that was stripped from all of them. There we see Fido, the longest companion of the Spearhead, as we see everything from his eye, all the memories, all the pain and suffering the group as a whole has gone through. Oddly enough, we saw a lot more smiling and laughter. We saw members of the Spearhead playing around and enjoying each other’s company. Which was something I didn’t expect, not to mention I also didn’t expect Fido dying either.

I don’t know what will happen in the last episode, but if it’s anything like episode ten. Then without a doubt, I will be one emotional wreck when everything is said and done. I feel like I’ve built a connection with all the remaining members of the Spearhead, and I am not ready to see them die.




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