Higehiro | Episode 11 Review

Episode eleven Thoughts

So I am just going to talk about the ending of the episode first then work my way back to the beginning because I am quite literally pissed off at Sayu’s mother. She doesn’t see her daughter for a long time, she shuns Sayu and blames her own daughter for the death of Sayu’s friend; and the first thing Sayu’s mother does seeing her? She slaps her. That quite literally pissed me off. At that point I was ready to throw hands and I think this line suits her best “Once a bitch, always a bitch”. Sayu’s mother gets “Worst Parent Award” without a doubt.

Anyway enough of her because I know we’ll have to deal with that dingus in the remaining two episodes (which I am not looking forward to). Allow me to talk about what I thought about episode eleven. Immediately you could tell it was one of those episodes where Sayu has to face her past once again. Throughout the series, you could that each episode was primarily geared towards Sayu and her confronting her past, little by little. Each each episode she grew stronger, and was more willing to accept her past. Sayu was slowly getting more comfortable with looking forward to the future.

However, seeing her face the last hurdle head on was very inspiring. Seeing your friend commit suicide, that feelings of helplessness as it happened must have really effected her (as it expected). Above all that, knowing that Sayu’s status in her high school could have been one of the causes for her friends death must have been to much for Sayu to handle. Seeing her confront those emotions at the place where it happened was a very powerful moment and took a lot of courage on Sayu’s part.

Overall, I thought a lot of episode eleven was all about finishing various chapters of Sayu’s past so that she could get starting on writing the chapters we have yet to see. One thing that was made apparent to me throughout the episode was how much Sayu was deprived from. Not being able to hang out with friends, or go to cafes. Not being able to experience normal teenaged life all because of her mother. You couldn’t help but feel bad for her, I certainly did. Not being able to experience life as it should because of the grudge your mother held against your father, coupled with the fact that Sayu’s mother blames her for a lot of things. I couldn’t imagine living in such an environment and I certainly hope that Sayu’s mother stops being a dingus and realizes that she’s the problem.

Onto the next episode!



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