Higehiro | Episode 12 Review

Episode Twelve Thoughts

Man, her mother hecking sucks. I really dislike her a lot. Like I said in my previous blog, Sayu’s mother gets the “Worst Parent of the Year Award.” What triggered me the most was that she said all the wrong things, everything you’re not supposed to say as a parent. Not to mention, the way she treats Yoshida was outright terrible. Like, you send Sayu’s brother on a mission to bring Sayu home.

I highly doubt Sayu’s brother would have been able to find her if it wasn’t for Yoshida. Heck, many worse things could have happened to Sayu if it weren’t for Yoshida either. Yoshida gave Sayu a place to stay, eat, and live life while also providing the proper care and parent-like attributes that her own mother fails to deliver. Yet, she treats him like a nobody, someone below her own being. I’ve never hated a parent so much in my life. To be completely honest, I wish Yoshida threw his drink at her in disgust. I 100% would have.

Anyway, enough of that, something I will give this episode major props for, and that’s the dialogue between our characters. You felt every emotion when each of them spoke. You heard Sayu’s cries of pain and suffering. You could feel her mother’s blatant arrogance and evident distaste for her daughter. You could feel the seriousness of Yoshida and the anger he felt towards Sayu’s mother. Yoshida’s speech saying “how a child cannot choose their parents, that a child doesn’t choose to be born.” and How Sayu will only ever have one mother, and it should be her responsibility to raise her to the best of their abilities.” Showed me anyway how much of a class act Yoshida was and how mature he was in that moment. His ability to remain calm throughout was something I do not think anyone of us could have done in his situation. If Yoshida was a parent himself, I think he would have been a perfect one simply because of how levelheaded and supportive he is.

I also admire Sayu’s strength and courage throughout the whole ordeal. Time and time again, she’s shown great maturity. I love that over the episodes, we’ve seen her grow stronger and stronger, happier and happier. That sort of character building is something I really enjoy because it allows you to connect to the character. The relationship Sayu and Yoshida have is also one I outright love. They both needed and lean on each other a lot. Their relationship is everything everyone could ever ask for, where both are very understanding and accepting of one another. It’s definitely one of unconditional love.

Overall despite the shitty mother, I really enjoyed this episode. I wonder what episode thirteen will entail. I personally hope we get to see Sayu and Yoshida together again in the end because I think they need each other.



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