Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san | Episode 12 Review

Episode Twelve Thoughts

Alas! The final episode of the series, something I’ve been long awaiting for sometime. Episode twelve was the wrap up to the events of episode eleven. We saw the conclusion of the cultural festival and we saw who between Hachiouji v. Sana (the Art Club President) won. I didn’t find this episode that entertaining, it’s probably because I was so ready to mark this anime as finished that I didn’t really pay attention to everything going on. Not to mention, this episode was not split into two halves (which has been the case up until this point) and it really threw me off. Something I’ve mentioned time and time again, the second half of the episode is always the better half so I didn’t know what to feel.

Was this episode the best episode? Probably not. Was it the best in terms of character development though? Yes, I think so. Something you will definitely notice is that while the element of teasing Hachiouji was still present, It wasn’t obnoxious as it was it previous episodes. We saw Nagatoro’s friends continuously tease the two of them implying that they’re boyfriend and girlfriend. We also saw them tease Nagatoro more than they did Hachiouji and to me that’s a plus. I’m a big believer in what goes around, comes around and Nagatoro is finally being subject to the antics of her friends.

Episode twelve to me is where characters that do not fit together, work together to defeat someone that threatened their ‘hangout spot’. So seeing everyone, Hachiouji, Nagatoro and company work together to take down the Art Club President through their own means was the best part of the episode. This episode also pushed along the narrative that I’m sure we all expected by now, that our two main character have feeling of admiration towards each other. Which wasn’t a shock for anyone because, constantly teasing someone is a form of expressing your feelings to them albeit in an indirect manner.

Looking back on episode twelve, it falls in-line with every episode up until this point. Not too bad, but not too good either. It’s one of those 50/50 episodes where you either find it entertaining or not. I unfortunately didn’t find it all too entertaining which is a shame, but it is what it is. The ‘Anime Review’ will be posted on Monday!



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