3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season | Episode 21 and 22 Review

Episode Twenty One and Twenty Two Thoughts

On the real, I absolutely loved both episodes. I loved episode 22 more than episode 21 because it gave an interesting perspective. One from the eyes of Rei’s adoptive mother and the impact Rei had on her own family. Her discussing all the bad and good with Rei living with them and how it affected her family was something I loved. In a way, I was both happy and frustrated that she didn’t say much to him in person. The effect it had on the whole mood was masterful. You could tell that Rei’s adoptive mother was simply watching him grow up and mature. She was watching something she always believed, that Rei was a good boy and wished that he was her child. Maybe then, the rift that happened in her own family may never have happened.

Something else that stood out for me was Hina’s monologue. There was something about it that made me feel pretty emotional. It’s probably because it was very relatable. Not knowing what your next stage of life will entail and knowing that the friends you grew up with may not carry over to that next stage of life. All that uncertainty, all that anxiety was something I felt. You could tell that Hina hated that she would be losing yet another friend; however, you could also tell that she was happy to have made memories with Takahashi. While time keeps moving, memories stay forever.

Like many of the anime I’ve seen lately, Hina, like so many other main characters, is looking for acceptance. That fear of not being accepted is what ultimately drives your decision-making. You can either be resigned to the fact that you won’t be accepted for who you are, or you’ll choose to make sure that you’re accepted and cared for. In Hina’s case, this anxiety is pushed aside by Rei and her family, who love and care for her. Especially Rei, who over the two episodes, does his best to make Hina happy, and most importantly, he does his best to make sure that Hina knows that he accepts her.

Seeing her at the end of episode twenty-two, happy to get the next chapter of her life started, was lovely. Knowing that Hina will always have people who accepted her around her both in person and in memory gives Hina the strength to tackle anything that comes before her. Hina is definitely one of the best main characters I’ve gotten to watch. Her character, all the emotions she feels, all her thoughts, and the ups and downs she experiences have been extraordinary. Hina’s character development is second to none, her story is beautiful, and everything about her is so relatable. I think we all can connect with her on some level. I’m thrilled with how both episodes played out, and I’m even more elated with how great 3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season has been. Here I thought the second season was just going to be a continuation of Rei’s story, but I was so wrong; there were so many other perspectives and stories that were told. This anime was not just about Rei, but it was about the people of March Town.

These past two episodes and the anime as a whole deserves an A++, 10/10 in my book for sure.


  1. They don’t make anime better than “3 Gatsu no Lion.”

    That said, I had a difficult time getting past the first episode. It was too depressing.

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