Bokutachi no Remake | Episode 2 Review

Episode Two Thoughts

Now this was an episode I really did enjoy. It had everything, you felt every emotion that was associated with filmmaking. You had the highs, like when Kyouya decided on an idea for their three minute skit, an idea that everyone agreed with. Then you had the lows, like when Kyouya asked Tsurayuki to make cuts to the script because they were over the time limit. Which was then met with another high and another low. It was literally a rollercoaster of highs and lows and I loved that.

Something else I did enjoy was that, everyone in that share house hated the idea of time just passing by. Each one of them didn’t know why they decided to attend an Art School, however, there was one thing that each one of them shared. The one thing they all shared was they wanted to find themselves and what they wanted to do. Hearing the reason why Nanako attended seemed very reasonable and understandable, she wanted an escape from where she lived, she didn’t want to be complacent in her town, she didn’t like the idea of time passing her by. For Shinoaki it was similar, she wanted to find something that she could do and for Kyouya it was the same deal. For me, hearing why each one of them chose to go to Art school felt very relatable and real. Being able to make that connection with the characters was something I really enjoyed.

In addition to all of that, something I am looking forward to is seeing how Kyouya handles everything. As we know, Kyouya has travelled back in time ten years and gets to relive and experience something he regretted not doing. But all his memories were kept and everything he had experienced in the future were also kept, so while he’s ten years younger, Kyouya’s mind is 28. I wonder how much of that will play into the story. I assume that eventually, he’ll be travelling forward in time once everything is said and done. I wonder if the decisions he makes now will dictate the life he will have once he travels back to the present time, I also wonder if he will choose to tell the people he’s become friends with about what has happened to him. If I understand anything about time travel, something you cannot do is tell people you’re from the future because it will mess it all up.

At the end of the anime, I feel like I am going to really love Bokutachi no Remake. It has everything I want and it definitely feels like a mix between ReLIFE and Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo and I love it.



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