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5-toubun no Hanayome | Episode 3 and 4 Review

Episode Three and Four Thoughts

Something that I find very interesting is how quickly Uesugi is able to win over these quintuplets, rather how quickly he’s able to make them acknowledge him. In that regard, I wish that it didn’t happen so quickly. I’m always about the gradual build up, but then again I cannot complain too much because I expected this sort of thing to happen.

Also, it’s weird how Uesugi is able to get this all done during the fireworks festival. ANOTHER FESTIVAL SCENE. Yup, I’ve seen so many festival scenes now, it’s unreal. I’m starting to think that it will always go hand-in-hand with any anime that falls under the “School” genre. But anyway, allow me to share my thoughts on both episodes.

What I found interesting with regards to both episodes is how quickly Uesugi is able to read a situation, or how others around him (primarily the five girls) feel. He seems to be a character very aware of the surroundings and understands the effect his actions and words have on any given situation, similar to Yoshida; albeit a lot more entertaining. Uesugi’s straightforward comments is something I do really enjoy. Even when his life is flipped upside-down because he’s ‘forced’ to tutor five individuals who do not want anything to do with school; Uesugi’s determination to earn that paycheck even if it means dealing with a new hectic life is something I do admire.

The same cannot be said with the quintuplets. Over the past two episodes (three and four), what has bothered me the most were the quintuplets. They’re all so different, each one of them having their own personalities that clash with one another. It’s like watching five people who hate each other but are forced to live together. I can definitely do with having less of those clashes because I’m not someone who particularly enjoys watching characters with clashing personalities constantly bickering each episode. Regardless of how funny it may be at the time, it just won’t ever be something I truly enjoy. At this point, I feel like I am only watching for Uesugi because I like this character.

Anyway, episodes three and four were alright, I didn’t find them overly entertaining. Something I will give this series props for is that it definitely does well to fill in the free time I have right now. I can definitely see 5-toubun no Hanayome being an anime you watch whenever you have some time to kill. In that respect, I think the anime is holding up quite well.

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